Open Access Review Article

Gender Violence, Suicide and Criminal Law

Yaíma Águila Gutiérrez* and Vicente Enrique Hernández Reyes

Department of Criminology, Cuba

Corresponding Author

Received Date: March 25, 2019;  Published Date: April 12, 2019


Pan-American Health Organization (PHO) has declared, about gender violence, that it is a problem which chiefly affects women. It has declared that at the end of 1990, gender violence had caused more death and incapacity to women from 15 to 44 years old than cancer, malaria, traffic accidents and war [1]. At the two last years of XX century, in Latin America, one of three sexual abuse cases were denounced and 80% were children and/or teenagers. About 30% y 50% of rape victims were younger than 15 years old and around 20% were younger than 10 years old, according to studies in Chile, Peru, Malaysia and United States of America Artiles [2].

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