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Scientific Feat of The Kuban Cossack

Dunaev AV*

Federal scientific Agro-Engineering center VIM, Moscow, Russia

Corresponding Author

Received Date: August 07, 2019;  Published Date: August 19, 2019


Professor, doctor of technical sciences, Kanarev Philip Mikhailovich, more than 25 years worked as head of the department of theoretical and applied mechanics at the Kuban state agrarian University, thoroughly, revolutionarily processed some sections of physics, chemistry, optics, electricity, electrodynamics, space exploration, refined knowledge in some other technical sciences.

He published more than 10 books on physical, chemistry, but the professor was forced to address directly to the President of the Russia: «Dear Vladimir Vladimirovich! I am following your wise scientific and educational guidelines. But your subordinates ignore my desire to help you. I’m waiting for the from the Ministry of science and education staff involved in the publication of textbooks. But they disregard my scientific and educational achievements. This forces me to translate the new school textbook on physics and chemistry into English. Sorry, I want to cry after that, but old age inclines me to such an act».

After this treatment, the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin to the school of physical-chemical textbook by professor FM Kanarev wrote the preface of the blessed. In it, addressing a school graduate, the President of Russia wrote: «Today you are looking to the future – to a new, adult life. Some of you have already defined your immediate plans, others are thinking about it. Try, make decisions. Do not be afraid of your ambitions and setting super-tasks. Achieve that, perhaps, nobody else did».

After analyzing the scientific achievements of professor Kanarev in physics and in chemistry, we can assume that he made a truly scientific feat.

However, the world of physics and chemistry is more complicated, than FM Kanarev could imagine. Not everything is convincing in some of his work. So, physics YP Rassadkin, and Dubovik VM believe, that some problems of the physics of the micro world at FM Kanarev «primitive», that the physics is more complicated and have a very interesting presentation to the PHYSICS WORLD. And YP Rassadkin, «wrote our own physics».

There are a large number of physical particles from space, and the nuclear reactions that have not been explained by MF Canarev, although it is possible to present them as modifications of protons, neutrons, with the addition of the ether particles. In addition to the elementary particles of the ether predicted by MF Canarev, apparently, nothing. Therefore, for the lack of ideal physics FM Kanarev cannot be blamed. His great contribution to science is revolutionary.

The above shows that the achievements of prof. FM Kanarev and other extraordinary physicists lead the world philosophy of physical science, represent our physics in the world at its forefront, can provide significant progress in science and some branches of technology, and contribute to the Russian Federation to make a technological breakthrough. FM Kanarev wrote: «The country, that will begin to use new ideas in physical chemistry, will be ahead of many countries» But this requires the desire and attention of the state, the Government of the Russian Federation. And do not be late. FM Kanarev is 82 years old.

Keywords:Elementary particles; Atom; Molecule; Electrodynamics; Optics; Spectroscopy; Cosmogony; Water-electrolytic cells; Self-rotating generator of electric current


To date, outside academic science, and sometimes contrary to it, new, much more accurate, very important experimental and theoretical data have been accumulated in the fundamental and in some applied fields of physics, chemistry, electrodynamics, optics, cosmogony and other sciences. However, this non-traditional knowledge remains in tun, and their use is largely in line with the Russian President’s instructions on the need for breakthrough technologies for Russia’s economic and social development. The search for new scientific truths and their practical implementation individuals prolonged, and their seekers were sometimes subjected to neglect, defamation, harassment worldwide, in some cases, pseudaletia in mental hospitals and even destruction. The arrival of the Internet can put an end to this invisible lawlessness.

As a result, FM Canarev published the long-awaited independent judge of the scientific disputes – the axiom of the Unity of the Universe according to his rhumbs: the unity of matter, space and time, continuity of movement, a strict causal relationship, the constant amount of matter and energy according to the Main Law of Material World.

FM Kanarev is one of the authors of revolutionary fundamental scientific knowledge. He convincingly showed, that the use of his achievements will allow Russia to make a significant technological breakthrough and be ahead of all countries in its development. He shows, the ruinousness for the development of science and technology in Russia and around the world of the suggestion of young people of some far-fetched, contrary to modern data, academic knowledge.

The purpose of the research - is to present and evaluate the outstanding scientific and applied developments of prof. FM Kanarev, with which the Russian Federation can accelerate its technological development in energy, electrical engineering, microelectronics, transport, to reach advanced scientific positions in physics, chemistry and some other sciences.

Materials and Methods

System and methods

Books, textbooks, manuals, scientific publications, websites and patents of prof. FM Kanarev [1-15], subjected to generalization.

Results and Discussion

The General scientific position of prof. FM Kanarev set forth below. For example, he showed that the main attributes of the world are:

• no one and nothing are not subject to space and therefore it is not relative, as in the theories of A Einstein, and absolutely absolute;

• matter, for which there is no reason to consider it absolute;

• the most mysterious - time; in nature there are no phenomena, that can accelerate or slow down its flow, so time – absolutely. The fundamental property of these attributes is independence and existence together, which is determined by the axiom of their Unity. All elementary particles of the micro world phenomena and their interaction are only in the framework of the Unity axiom. The neglect of the axiom of Unity, committed by some authoritative scientists, as some outstanding physicists of the XXth century wrote, brought academic theoretical physics and chemistry from many Nobel laureates to a complete theoretical impasse;

• he showed, that scientific research should begin with the origins of the question, and not with their current results, which are often false, dead-end:

• streamlined the format of scientific postulates, axioms, hypotheses from Euclid to the present;

• ordered the main experimental data of the microcosm physics, including quantum mechanics;

• explained the history of the creation of mathematical transformations of HA Lorentz, not correctly interpreted by A. Einstein in the «Theories of relativity», which was one of the factors of the complete impasse in modern theoretical physics.

• Scientific and technical developments of FM Kanarev are as follows.

a. In particle physics

• presented the structure, properties of a photon (23 constants, 50 formulas), an electron (7 constants, also 50 formulas), also extensively both a neutron and a proton;

• proved, that contrary to academic ideas (N Bohr, D Rutherford, P Schrödinger, V Pauli, P Dirac, L De Broglie and their other colleagues) the connection of electrons with the nuclei of atoms is not orbital rotation around the nucleus. Being several orders of magnitude larger, than the nuclei of atoms, electrons, spinning like a spindle, each in a straight line at its proton, approaching and moving away from the proton, can occupy up to 115 positions. After receiving a photon, the electron is removed from the nucleus, and radiating it – close to the nucleus. This representation helped to clarify many of the contradictions between the theories and experimental data, clarify the nature of the spectrum, other characteristics of the chemical elements, even when the hydrogen atom has many lines of the spectra due to such dynamics of the many position of his electron;

• explained the structure of radiation from neutron, x-ray, ultraviolet, visible, infrared to radio waves; ridiculously just showed the absence of electromagnetic waves in the nature of the German physicist G. Hertz and Russian - AS Popov, but the presence radiation of photonic complexes only;

• showed the dynamics of nuclear build-up of atoms by neutrons and protons, the structure of the atoms themselves from hydrogen to copper atom, which clearly illustrates the periodic law of the Russian multi-faceted scientist DI Mendeleev;

• just explained the formation of atomic isotopes, where and how it happens, and which atoms do not have isotopes and why they cannot be;

• explained many, incomprehensible previously, phenomena in physics, chemistry.

b. In other sciences

• made a fundamental contribution to electrodynamics (in electric machines, in electronics, not electrons work, but photons); explained the content of electric polices, called as PLUS and MINUS; confirmed, that there are no charges of different signs (plus and minus), in electrical engineering there is a single charge only of the electron, which previously adhered to only individual physicists; poles in electrical engineering explained the concentration of electrons with different directions of electric and magnetic poles, and not with different charges of electrons;

• shallow misconceptions of the founders of quantum mechanics such developments as: the system of equations of electrodynamics of D.K. Maxwell, the hypothesis of the origin of the universe after the giant explosion of one of the microcapsules of the substance;

• gave a mathematical apparatus for calculating the wavelengths of photons in the spectra of radiation of chemical elements and just revealed the secret of a huge number of spectral lines of atoms, ions, molecules;

• he explained many questions in astrophysics («black holes», relict radiation, red and blue shift of light spectra from galaxies, origin and development of the universe, etc.);

• deeply considered and explained the phenomena of diffraction, interference, polarization of photons, other optical phenomena, in its derived equations in the optics of black-body physicists such as M. Planck, Wilhelm Wien, then confirmed their discoveries;

• explained (laugh sinfully) the naivety of ideas about the “hole” conductivity in pnp - and npn transition layers of semiconductors;

• explained the reason for the failure of Fresnel’s experience in detecting the movement of the Earth in the air;

• gave a mathematical model of the particle that is the basis of ether;

• clarified some of the issues of heat;

• drew attention to the structure of the carbon atom, which explains its unusual properties, the many forms of its compounds: graphite, graphene, graphane, fullerene, diamond and other rare structures, many organic compounds of carbon atoms;

• built the structure of benzene, water clusters, etc.; revealed three structures of water molecules, of which one is stable, and unstable can be resonantly low-cost dispersed; after the destruction of unstable molecules, their fragments absorb the energy of the ether, again connected to the molecules, and taken from the ether energy is released by heat or electricity, which depends on the form of action on the water and the type of (plasma-free) dispersion reaction of water molecules;

• this is the greatest physicist of all times and peoples, how can it be considered FM Kanarev, has created a water electrolysis cell, where the result of the pulsed resonant impacts on water thermal energy stands at 29 000% more of the cost of the destruction of water molecules; here the basis of the transport without external energy, which is especially draws the attention of the professor; in these developments FM Kanarev in Japan and created water-electric car, operating without any external energy that just need Russia, for example – agriculture;

• his view FM Kanarev has proven expertise in pulsed power engineering, the creation of a self-rotating generator current;

• he explained the work of combustion products of fuels (not gases of combustion products create operating pressure, but thermal and infrared photons); this and other ideas of FM Kanarev about the mechanism of action of combustion products in rocket engines and other subtle combustion processes can be effectively implemented;

• showed where there is a natural and possible man-made cold fusion, why the attempts of the creators of electromagnetic installations «Tokomak» for plasma synthesis of elements and thus the implementation of controlled thermonuclear reaction are in vain; showed that the released in the reactions of the proposed synthesis will not be thermal, x-ray photons only, they cannot be disposed of, they are not held, act destructively and receive the energy of reactions of such synthesis will not work;

• representations in the ordered physical chemistry of prof. FM Kanarev are IRRE-FUTABLE, confirmed by the most extensive experimental data, powerful mathematical apparatus (more than 1000 cross formulas, 176 drawings only in the monograph of the 2nd edition) and reject numerous scientific viruses of the cohort of Nobel laureates;

• as if in the end, FM Kanarev has established the MAIN LAW of the MATERIAL WORLD, describing the motion of elementary particles, atoms and molecules, described by a, mechanical by nature, Planck’s constant.

Highly appreciating the scientific contribution of FM Kanarev in the physical and chemical sciences and in practice, managers have created him abroad 13 sites that are visited daily for 400-500 times, and a year more than 1 million times.

Japanese scientists and businessmen awarded FM Kanarev a thousand dollars three times, according to his ideas, they created a water-electric car; 10 years ago, they had an engine with a capacity of 0.5 kW, and now, probably, more.

FM Kanarev is the only one who correctly explained the cause of the accident at the Sayano-Shushenskaya hydro station in Russia, similar to other previous accidents at other stations. The Commission of specialists stated in the Act of examination of the accident: «Modern science cannot explain the cause of the accident», and FM Kanarev revealed this reason and the Russian parliamentarians took into account his explanations.

The cause of the accident is something like this: because of the faults of one of the hydraulic units, there was a significant vibration, recorded by sensors of even neighboring hydraulic units. As a result, there was an error in the data of the speed sensor of the hydraulic unit and it increased the speed of rotation for 5 seconds. At the same time, the rate of water flow from the turbine blades exceeded 38 m/s. This, together with the vibrations of the turbine, caused mechano-chemical dispersion of water molecules at a flow volume of 311.76 t/s from the cracks closed by vibrating blades. As a result of dispersion of water molecules there was a rapid formation of hydrogen and hydroxyl ions, their reverse reunification into molecules and clusters of water with an explosion created by photons, emitted by electrons of water molecules after their return synthesis and synthesis of clusters of water molecules. The blast created a pressure 72284 t (momentum in 722840 m/s) weight hydraulic unit 2578 t.

FM Kanarev wrote, that if he was visited not by foreigners, who were not few, but by a Russian patriot, he would reveal to him all the secrets in ensuring the operation of all Russian transport without consuming any energy.

Unfortunately, FM Kanarev states that in the whole history of mankind the prevailing stereotype of thinking in most people, and in scientists especially, is more common sense. Therefore, academic science ignores the extraordinary achievements of prof. FM Kanarev, rejecting the existing idea

Discussion and Links

Nevertheless, new physical knowledge of FM Kanarev is confirmed by many other publications, for example, reports of physicists: SA Sall from the «State optical Institute. academician S.I. Vavilov» the Russian Academy of Sciences with the name of the RUSSIAN GENIUS of the history of SCIENCE, and OH Derevensciy called THE MAGIC OF QUANTUM MECHANICS.

Philip Mikhailovich was repeatedly elected honorary President of next International physical forums, as none of the Russian scientists. Many scientists of the world expressed admiration for the achievements of FM Kanarev, in which he explained many incomprehensible things in different fields of physics and chemistry.

School textbook FM Kanarev, blessed by Russian President Vladimir Putin, does not disclose all the achievements of the scientist. In general, he has a dozen in-depth publications: monographs, titled, for example, «Theoretical foundations of physical chemistry of nanotechnology», «the Beginning of physical chemistry of the microcosm», more than 25 major publications on acute topics of science.

In monographs 2-nd edition given 840 answers on physical, chemistry, of microcosm. Important applied questions of physical chemistry and other aspects of sciences are considered by FM Kanarev in separate articles, protected by 23 patents.

I hope, colleagues, you will like the scientific revolutionary wealth of Philip Mikhailovich Kanarev. Philip Mikhailovich is always in touch.

However, the world of physics and chemistry is more complicated, than F.M. Kana-rev could imagine. But he can’t be blamed for that. There are a large number of physical particles from cosmos, from nuclear reactions, not explained by FM Kanarev, although it is possible to present them as modifications of protons, neutrons with the addition of ether particles. But apart from the elementary particles of ether predicted by FM Kanarev, apparently, there is nothing more.

Shouldn’t prof. FM Kanarev simplistic lighting tribology, not all correct as we would like in some developments. So, the physicist Yu P Rassadkin from city Dubna and the physicist VM Dubovik consider that some questions of physics of a microcosm at FM Kanarev «are a little primitive», that physics is more difficult. They have the very interesting representations of PHYSICS of the WORLD. And YP Rassadkin has published «The new physics», like his previous book «Physics of the solid state. Stable particle. Conversion of energy into mass of matter, electricity and magnetism».

Nevertheless, a huge contribution to science by prof. FM Kanarev - revolutionary and leads to substantial progress in science and technology worldwide. In general, the above shows, that Russian scientists seem to lead the world philosophy of physical science.

FM Kanarev wrote: « А country, that will begin to use new ideas in physical, chemistry will make a breakthrough in science and technology and will be ahead of many count-ryes». But not late. FM Kanarev is 82 years old. Therefore, he once again addressed the President of Russia: «Dear Vladimir Vladimirovich! I follow your wise scientific and educational directives. But your subordinates ignore my desire to help you. I am waiting for employees of the Ministry of science and education, engaged in the publication of textbooks. But they are dismissive of my scientific and educational achievements. This forces me to translate the new school textbook on physics and chemistry into English. Sorry, I want to cry after that, but old age inclines me to such an act».


The above indicates, that the achievements of prof. FM Kanarev and other extraordinary, not classical physicists, represent the Russian physics in the world as a frontline at world, can provide significant progress in science and some branches of technology, to contribute to the Russian Federation to make a technological breakthrough and to outstrip many countries in scientific and technological development. But this requires the desire and attention of the states and real scientists around the world.



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