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Scientific Feat of The Kuban Cossack

Dunaev AV*

Federal scientific Agro-Engineering center VIM, Moscow, Russia

Corresponding Author

Received Date: August 07, 2019;  Published Date: August 19, 2019


Professor, doctor of technical sciences, Kanarev Philip Mikhailovich, more than 25 years worked as head of the department of theoretical and applied mechanics at the Kuban state agrarian University, thoroughly, revolutionarily processed some sections of physics, chemistry, optics, electricity, electrodynamics, space exploration, refined knowledge in some other technical sciences.

He published more than 10 books on physical, chemistry, but the professor was forced to address directly to the President of the Russia: «Dear Vladimir Vladimirovich! I am following your wise scientific and educational guidelines. But your subordinates ignore my desire to help you. I’m waiting for the from the Ministry of science and education staff involved in the publication of textbooks. But they disregard my scientific and educational achievements. This forces me to translate the new school textbook on physics and chemistry into English. Sorry, I want to cry after that, but old age inclines me to such an act».

After this treatment, the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin to the school of physical-chemical textbook by professor FM Kanarev wrote the preface of the blessed. In it, addressing a school graduate, the President of Russia wrote: «Today you are looking to the future – to a new, adult life. Some of you have already defined your immediate plans, others are thinking about it. Try, make decisions. Do not be afraid of your ambitions and setting super-tasks. Achieve that, perhaps, nobody else did».

After analyzing the scientific achievements of professor Kanarev in physics and in chemistry, we can assume that he made a truly scientific feat.

However, the world of physics and chemistry is more complicated, than FM Kanarev could imagine. Not everything is convincing in some of his work. So, physics YP Rassadkin, and Dubovik VM believe, that some problems of the physics of the micro world at FM Kanarev «primitive», that the physics is more complicated and have a very interesting presentation to the PHYSICS WORLD. And YP Rassadkin, «wrote our own physics».

There are a large number of physical particles from space, and the nuclear reactions that have not been explained by MF Canarev, although it is possible to present them as modifications of protons, neutrons, with the addition of the ether particles. In addition to the elementary particles of the ether predicted by MF Canarev, apparently, nothing. Therefore, for the lack of ideal physics FM Kanarev cannot be blamed. His great contribution to science is revolutionary.

The above shows that the achievements of prof. FM Kanarev and other extraordinary physicists lead the world philosophy of physical science, represent our physics in the world at its forefront, can provide significant progress in science and some branches of technology, and contribute to the Russian Federation to make a technological breakthrough. FM Kanarev wrote: «The country, that will begin to use new ideas in physical chemistry, will be ahead of many countries» But this requires the desire and attention of the state, the Government of the Russian Federation. And do not be late. FM Kanarev is 82 years old.

Keywords:Elementary particles; Atom; Molecule; Electrodynamics; Optics; Spectroscopy; Cosmogony; Water-electrolytic cells; Self-rotating generator of electric current

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