Open Access Research Article

Numerical Computation of Separation Events

GA Dedow and KD Murphy*

Department of Mechanical Engineering, The University of Louisville, Louisville, KY 40292, USA

Corresponding Author

Received Date: May 13, 2021;  Published Date: August 20, 2021


Impacting systems possess stiffness discontinuities (nonlinearities) and integrating the system through these abrupt transitions in stiffness is numerically challenging. Henon’s method [1] for identifying numerically the instant of impact - and the associated values of the state variables - is well established. However, in cases where distinct components move together, there is not a well-developed technique for identifying when they separate because this separation event is not expressed in terms of the generalized coordinates. This work presents a numerical technique for doing just that. If one couples this method with Henon’s method, the time response of a system undergoing repeated impacts and separations may be obtained with a high degree of precision. Several specific examples are presented to demonstrate the utility of the method.

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