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Correlations of Physicomechanical Properties of Quarry Aggregates - The Case of Two Quarries in Ghana

Stephen Agyeman1,2*, Sampson Assiamah3 and Gloria Twumasi3

1PhD Student, School of Transportation, China

2Lecturer, Department of Civil Engineering, Ghana

3Lecturer, Department of Building Technology, Ghana

Corresponding Author

Received Date: April 10, 2019;  Published Date: May 06, 2019


Granite and its derivatives are the dominant rock source of most quarry products (rock aggregates) in Ghana. However, they may differ in term of quality, the mineralogic composition and so forth in their geospatial locations. This could be due to the variation by alteration process, weathering and deformation. This also suggests that different location of quarries may produce different quality and properties of quarry products. Rock aggregate plays an important role depending on its intended use. It is therefore essential to understand the properties and qualities of the rock products to achieve required dimensional stability, durability and strength of structures using rock aggregates characteristic and related engineering properties tests. The study evaluated physical and mechanical properties of rock aggregates from Quarries A and B. Samples of rock products from these quarries were subjected to a battery of laboratory tests to determine their physical, mechanical and geometrical properties. The rock aggregates from Quarries A and B met all the physicomechanical requirements for use as aggregates for crushed rock subbase, base and surface dressing for pavements. Correlations were established with R2 of 0.833 amongst ACV and AIV, R2 of 0.732 between AIV and SG, R2 of 0.905 amongst ACV and SG, and R2 of 0.718 between TFV and SG and of 0.872 between Wabs and SG. The best regression equations were shown to be logarithmic and exponential. The recommendation is to adjust processing and the degree of crushing at the two-plant sites to produce appropriate, particle size for the various pavement applications.

Keywords: Physicomechanical properties; Pavement application; Rock aggregates; MRT specifications; Granite; Ghana

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