Open Access Research Article

Activation of Motor Fuels

Vorobiev Yu V1, Baronin GC1 and Dunaev AV2*

1Tambov State Technical University, Russia

2Federal State Budgetary Scientific Institution, Russia

Corresponding Author

Received Date: January 17, 2019;  Published Date: February 08, 2019


The device described activator of motor fuels by the patent RF No. 2411074, which is facilitated by the fractional composition of gasoline, aviation and diesels fuel, rapeseed oil, as well as modification of them hydrocarbon molecules-family in the fuel. The prospects of application of the activator.

Activator tested three bench motor in Russia, environmental testing of exhaust emissions of engines in Rochester Institute (USA), control hematological indicators of eight grades of gasoline and three grades of diesel fuel, tens of chromatogram fuels before and after activation, control freezing point and smoke of diesel engines. Activator generates a unique water-fuel emulsion. Chromatograms of activated diesel and gasoline fuels showed a decrease in the proportion of heavy hydrocarbons and the formation of light molecules: hexane, heptane, 3 metal-pentane to 37 %, reducing the sulphur content from 0.032 to 0.015 %, resins from 7.4 to 0.8 mg/100 ml. In gasoline, the content of octane-determining toluene increased to 16 %, in jet fuel nonane and decan to 21 %. Successful activation of biofuels.

Chromatographs research, bench and operational tests confirmed the irreversibility of the modification and the continuation of it after the release of fuels from the activator. Activation helps reduce the consumption of fuels by 20-27 % without reduction capacity of engine, decreasing the opacity of exhaust gases of diesel engines, toxic-ness of petrol engines, the reduced freezing point of diesel fuel, it should be cleaned of tars and sulphur compounds.

Stable, effective and versatile action on fuel was introduced in the activator according to the patent of Russian Federation No. 2411074. Its non-reversibility of fuels suitable for automotive, transport, aviation and liquid-propellant engines. Achieved activation is useful in the production of fuels that meet the requirements of EURO-3 and EURO-4. Activation of different petroleum products are brought to close indicators, with the selection of sulphur, with the destruction of resinous compounds, with decreasing temperature of freezing.

Keywords: Activator; Mechanochemistry fuel consumption; Freezing point; Sulphur; Smoke diesels; Activation mechanism; The opposite effect of electrons

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