Open Access Research Article

Road Parameter in Conversion or New Settlement Areas

Halil Ibrahim Polat*

Yildiz Technical University, Istanbul, Turkey

Corresponding Author

Received Date: January 30, 2019;  Published Date: February 20, 2019


The road is the main instrument of urban thought and urban image. Since the existence of mankind, they have made some practices in order to reach the places they created. Transportation should be the first criterion for building a city. For this reason, the road parameter should be in one of the priority orders in the zoning areas both in the construction of new cities and in the process of urban transformation. There is a long-running process challenging a lot of planning standards for settlements area to be transformed. Urban transformation studies in the world have difficulties in accordance with international planning criteria because of the unlicensed and illegally built high rates in the existing risky areas and the number of the population residing in these areas which is considerably higher than the density value of the approved current plans. From 1950’s onwards, planning of urban informal settlements which are heavily populated for various reasons by slum dwellers could find application area due to social and political influences. This situation brought along some social problems. It is seen that parameters such as urban facilities, technical infrastructure and transportation are transformed into secondary issue in the planning studies, mainly due to the high floor area ratio (FAR) and building coverage ratio (BCR) demands by stakeholders. The demand to increase the value of FAR leads directly to increase in population density, thus resulting in the depreciation of social facilities and transport area in existing transformation zone and the deprivation of living facilities in healthy urban areas. In this study, especially in the new places where the transformation application will be carried out, an idea is made about the percentage and amount of road required for planning in accordance with international standards and suggestions are tried to be developed.

Keywords: Road; Conversion; Transformation; Urbanization

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