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Quality Control of Concrete in the Southern Region of Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Using Local Materials

Hamoud A Beshr, Osama K Adwan*, Mahmoud M Kuleib and Khalid A Alkuzai

Department of Civil Engineering, Al-Baha University, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Corresponding Author

Received Date: March 19, 2019;  Published Date: April 02, 2019


A common concern amongst civil engineers is producing a good quality concrete on-site. This paper reports results of a study carried out to examine the quality of normal strength concrete production in the southern region of Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA) made from local coarse aggregate namely Basalt. As all data were analyzed and examined statistically using Chebyshev’s theorem and the Statistical Empirical Rule (SER) method presented herein. It is concluded that, the normal distribution of all test results -in terms of the quality of concrete mix- was strongly agree with Chebyshev’s theorem and ACI 318-14 section 5.6.3. In addition, these results were considerably better than the Statistical Empirical Rule (SER) method. Overall, these concrete mixes, in this investigation, with 28 days compressive strength of 35 MPa can be used confidently in concrete structure applications.

Keywords:Compressive strength; Normal strength concrete; Quality of concrete mix; Statistical analysis; Standard deviation; Normal distribution

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