Open Access Mini Review

Pulse Discharge Technology for Strengthening of Foundations

Sokolov NS*

Chuvash State University, Russia

Corresponding Author

Received Date: April 09, 2021;  Published Date: May 06, 2021


The problem of increasing the bearing capacity of a foundation is always an urgent one in today’s geotechnical construction. With significant loads transferred to foundations, the use of traditional technologies is not always justified. There is often an urgent need to use non-standard methods of strengthening the foundations. In many cases, the geotechnical situation is aggravated by the presence of weak underlying layers with unstable physical and mechanical characteristics in the engineering-geological sections. When reinforcing such foundations with the help of traditional piles, the latter can receive negative friction, which significantly reduces their bearing capacity on the ground, sometimes reaching zero values. This can lead to additional precipitation of objects being erected and objects already erected in the zone of geotechnical influence. The use of Electric Discharge Technology (EDT) piles in most cases successfully solves many complex geotechnical problems.

Keywords: Geotechnical construction; Soil-concrete pile; Electric discharge technology; Electric discharge technology bored injection pile; Intermediate broadening (thrust bearing); Escapes

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