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Open Access Research Article

Mobile Modular Systems of Water Treatment and Storage in Crises – Solutions used Depending on the Type of Threats

Paweł Wolny1*, Norbert Tuśnio2 and Wojciech Wróblewski3

1Faculty of Process and Environmental Engineering, Lodz University of Technology, Poland

2The Main School of Fire Service, Faculty of Safety Engineering and Civil Protection, Poland

3The Main School of Fire Service, Internal Security Institute; Poland

Corresponding Author

Received Date: September 22, 2021;  Published Date: October 04, 2021


Various methods of water purification aim to obtain such a purity class that makes it suitable for consumption are presented in the article. It is a review of solutions, ranging from methods known and used for over 100 years, through research and experiments underway, to only a concept. Some of the solutions are so effective that they should also be combined with safe storage of purified water. Flexible tanks are used for this, which significantly improve logistics and provide a supply of water in all places where it is needed. Depending on whether the lack of drinking water results from a sudden change in the situation resulting from a natural or technical disaster, or whether it is a continuous state, e.g., from prolonged drought, a drastic reduction in water quality or its lack due to permanently damaged or non-existent water supply infrastructure, each of the described cases requires the use of different solutions, which will be described in the article based on solutions applied or developed for very specific existing situations. Each of the applied solutions has its advantages and disadvantages, and the aim of this analysis is to present a concept based on existing solutions but eliminating some of their disadvantages with the maximum use of advantages.

Keywords: Water supply, Crisis situation, Safety of water supply, Flood, Water decontamination, Water filtration, Flexible tanks

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