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Open Access Opinion

Green Construction Materials and the Circular Economy

J Pacheco1*, F Leitão2, J de Brito3 and J Bordado4

1Researcher, c5LAb - Sustainable Construction Materials Association, Portugal

2Industrial Affairs & Sustainability Director, ATIC - Technical Association of the Cement Industry / c5Lab, Portugal

3Full Professor, IST, University of Lisbon / c5Lab, Portugal

4Full Professor, IST, University of Lisbon, Portugal

Corresponding Author

Received Date: March 05, 2021;  Published Date: April 6, 2021


This opinion article concerns the minimization of the environmental impacts of the cement and concrete industries. The article identifies the processing of carbon dioxide that results from cement production and the incorporation of construction and demolition waste on concrete as key objectives for environmental sustainability, discusses concepts related to both objectives, and presents the mission of c5Lab - Sustainable Construction Materials Association, a consortium that intends to contribute to the greening of the cement and concrete industries.

Keywords:Sustainability; cement; concrete; carbon dioxide; construction and demolition waste; circular economy

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