Open Access Research Article

Experience of Using Drilling Injection EDT Piles in Emergency Response of a Public Building

Sokolov NS*

Chuvash State University, Russia

Corresponding Author

Received Date: April 19, 2021;  Published Date: May 21, 2021


The case of ill-considered construction of a two-Storey brick building in the zone of geotechnical influence of the operated building which resulted in its emergency condition was considered. Timely accident prevention measures, including reinforcement of the foundation by means of drilled injection EDT piles and safety measures, such as arrangement of prestressed ties from eight rows of high-strength valves enclosing a supporting wall of two rows of drilling injection EDT piles of Ø350 mm, made by electric-discharge technology from the side of the altar, allowed to save the monument of federal architecture from collapse.

Keywords: Strain cracks; Strain rate; Drilling injection pile; Electro-discharge technology; Emergency response commission

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