Open Access Research Article

Errors in Construction of Facilities in Restricted Conditions

Sokolov NS*

Chuvash State University, Russia

Corresponding Author

Received Date: April 19, 2021;  Published Date: June 14, 2021


The construction of facilities in cramped conditions requires a special approach to the need to develop and implement measures to ensure the safe operation of the buildings surrounding the building within the limits of geotechnical influence. Builders often neglect the impact of the new facility technology on the possible negative effects (cracks on facades due to uneven precipitation, heels, etc.) of the buildings in use. The term «minimum price» is still used when part of a building is erected below zero. This approach completely disregards the notion of «technical utility». At the same time the builders go to any tricks to reduce the cost. This «irrational» way of construction may eventually result in a substantial increase in the cost of constructing a zero part of a building and, as a general rule, in a longer construction period (agreement on a new project as a result of substitution of another geotechnical technology, passing of new construction expertise). This article examines one negative case from the geotechnical practice of constructing 16 storey dwellings next to an existing five-storey dwelling house.

Keywords:Geotechnical construction; Irregular precipitation; Ground anchors; Excavation fencing; Electrical discharge technology; EDT piles

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