Open Access Research Article

Design Parameters of a Screw Extruder for Biofuel Production

Kirill Epifanсev*

Saint Petersburg University of Aerospace instrumentation (SUAI), Saint Petersburg, Russia

Corresponding Author

Received Date: March 14, 2019;  Published Date: April 17, 2019


The development of non-destructive testing in Saint-Petersburg State University of aerospace in-strumentation (SUAI) is reflected in the appearance of new terms that are used in practice, scientific papers and technical descriptions. Non-destructive control increasingly contacts with adjacent areas involved in assessing the actual technical condition of the facilities, determining the possibility of their further operation and the terms of safe operation (resource problem). In this paper, the methods of nondestructive testing of industrial objects, as well as various types of this method, such as magnetic, electric, which are used to create new laboratory work in the educational process.

Keywords: Organic wastes; Extruder; Molding die block; Pelletising; Modeling; Molding parameters

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