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Is Psi an Ability to React with Vibrations?

Samah Khaled Zahran*

Professor of Personality and Social Psychology, Ain Shams University, Egypt

Corresponding Author

Received Date: November 29, 2019;  Published Date: December 12, 2019


This is an inductive article, aims to suggest number of hypothesis; as an initial answer, susceptible to examination, from logic prefaces, about human biofield energy body, with its relationship with psychical ability (psi), or sixth sense experiences. Suggested hypothesis is: H1: Every existence vibrates in universe. H2: Each vibrate conduct wave field. H3: Each existence has wave print according to dynamic interactions among its components. H4: Our mind feels such wave signature; (wave print) in implicit way (unconsciously), and react with; which means perceive it personally; by connecting it with similar present and past experiences, and affect it as well, such reaction suggested as: conscious bio-communication”.

Keywords: Human biofield body; Variables that affect human biofield body (human wave body); Psi and human biofield body; Conscious bio communication

Human Biofield Body: Its Nature, How to Study, How to Measure

The concern about scientific investigation of electromagnetic field (EM) generated by human body have receive much attention in recent decades. Human radiation identified as electromagnetic field generated by and contained within the biological system of the body. The vibration emits its radiation around the body due to electromagnetic activities of the human body. Every activity of human tissue correlated with electrical change, the flow of electric creates magnetic field in the surrounding space, the electric current also creates electromagnetic field surrounding the body [1].

Human biofield body is a photon, a light that produced by our own cells and forms a major component of man’s inner environment, and a part of our bodies that connecting us with the other environment. All living organisms, including humans, emit a low-intensity glow that cannot see by naked eyes, but can measure by photomultipliers. Such body light as a candlelight seen from 15 miles distance and is tens to hundreds of millions of times weaker than daylight. Its spectral range of frequencies (colors) extends from 200-800 nanometers from UV-C and UV-A through the completely visible range into the infrared part of spectrum. [2].

The concept of human radiation field also expressed as bioenergy or biofield radiation by a biological system [3]. The biofield defined also as complex dynamic electromagnetic field resulting from components of organism and proposed to be involved in self-organization and bioregulation of the organism. Miller suggests biofield hypothesis, a unifying hypothesis that explains the interaction of objects or fields with an organism, all objects radiate an EM field signature of resonant frequencies [4].

Popp and his colleagues in 1996 proposed coherent states in organisms and the emission of coherent electromagnetic waves [4]. Biophotons, which are photons of light in ultraviolet and low visible light range produced by biological systems, detected by photomultipliers or by means of an ultra-low noise CCD camera to produce an image (Biophotons, Wikipedia, 2019). Alexander G. Gurwitsch discovered Biophotons in 1922. Biological detectors developed technically from 1920s to 1960s, to detect ultra-weak cell radiation, by Russian scientists, and through 1970s German biophysicist Popp establish an international institute to carry out systematic experimental investigation on this new biological phenomenon [2].

The experimental findings showed that electromagnetic field body in living organism appears as a highly complex and self- tunable resonating system oscillating fields that coupled nonlinearly by their phase relations, as an extremely sensitive and highly effective antennae system, able to tune itself according to the need to aboard range of frequencies [2]. The radiation of electromagnetic wave is a self-propagating transverse wave of electric and magnetic fields, where travels in straight lines at the speed of light. Human body considered as a resonant frequency. Resonance defined as the natural vibratory rate generates all kinetic forms of waves, it also able to communicate and transmit frequency of information from one to another when their resonant frequencies matched [3].

Variables that Affect Human Biofield Body


Jalil and others conducted an experimental study on human radiation frequency differences between male and female, through radiation wave detector on Mega Hertz rang. The detector is a handheld frequency meter, which has a telescopic antenna to detect a broad range of electromagnetic waves of human radiation fields, 33 healthy subjects taken on 23 points around the body, results obtained significance value lower than .05 for all, confirmed the difference among male and female in human radiation frequencies [1].

Human brain

Same group of researchers, in 2015, above conducted another experimental study among 26 healthy individuals; (14 males, and 12 female), aged from 20-28 years, to detect human radiation wave through the human body, through 7 points of charka, by the same radiation detector mentioned above. Results showed that the highest mean frequency obtained on forehead, each seven charka has their own frequency, which shows that their individual properties correspond to the unique attribute of human being, and higher frequency found in head region [3].

Kozlowski in his book in 2016, discussed the nature of consciousness and extrasensory perception as yielding from quantum vibrations in microtubules inside brain neurons, so that brain waves derive from deeper level microtubules vibrations could benefit a host of mental, neurological and cognitive conditions. Through these wave radiations, mainly from brain, he suggested that reality is non-local and undivided; non-locality is already a basic fact of nature [5].

Hygiene statuses and heritage

Jerman in his paper in 2009 discussed the nature of human biofield body; mentioned that in organisms the biofield comes into relationships with organic matter–human biofield radiation differently in health and illness- the strong transmembrane electric field, if latter destroyed the biofield wave vanishes and life comes to its end. He mentioned that human biofield has two components: one in the microwave and lower frequency range (Frohlich’s field), and another in visible near UV light range (Popp’s photon field), some researches also connected biofield with one’s DNA [6].

Nature’s systems

Schuman resonance: Schuman resonance (SR) defined as a set of resonant modes or spectrum peaks, between 7.83 and 4Hz in the extremely low frequency (ELF) portion of earth’s electromagnetic field spectrum. The fundamental SR is a standing wave in the atmosphere around 8Hz. Human brainwaves entrained to this pulse emitting theta and alpha frequencies in the same region. The reciprocal system functions as a phase-locked loop. Such cycle is necessary for mammalian growth and repair [7].

The SR modes, like other low-frequency modes, are able to leak into the ionosphere, particularly at night when the plasma density is lower. We all bathed in the sea of natural low-frequency EM field from birth to death. The brain is an electromagnetic system synchronized by SR signal that continuously stabilizes the brain wave activity. We have electromagnetic transmitters and receivers in our neurons. Our brains detect and respond to the SR signal through nonlinear resonant matching of frequency, alerting optimal melatonin/serotonin cycle balance, cardiac, neurological reproductive health and mortality [7].

Other systems besides brainwaves affected by SR, all biological process is a function of electromagnetic field interactions. A tuned system consists of at least two oscillators of identical resonant frequencies. If one oscillator starts emitting, the single will activate the other very shortly. In deep meditation, for example, when waves of alpha and theta rhythms cascade across the entire brain, a resonance is possible between the human being and the planet. Energy and information transferred. SR forms a natural feedback loop with the human mind/body, the human body and brain developed in the biosphere, the EM environment conditioned by this cycle pulse [7]. Bischof in his paper in 2008 suggested synchronization and coherence of body systems and body EM fields, in the light of suggested “sense of coherence”, when two subjects, as example, are in empathic connection the synchronization of their brainwaves occurs [8].

The measured frequencies of Schuman and brainwaves are nearly the same [9]. Because the brain is a very sensitive electromagnetic organ, changes in geomagnetic activity and SR intensities appear to alert brainwave and neurohormone responses [10]. In one study of Pobachenko and others, for six weeks period, monitoring SR and EEGs, they found during daily cycle similar variations between EEG and SR and the highest correlations were during the periods of higher solar and magnetic activity. The data suggested that a transfer of information take place between magnetic fields of Earth and human brains [10].

Institute of Heart Math (IHM) suggested the capacity for direct interaction and resonant between brain and SR, which they cold “global information field”. On the other hand, Teilhard coined the concept “morphic resonance”, and defined as a type of interaction between all similar organisms across time and space [10]. In recent experiment on separated pairs of individuals more than 6000Km, each separated individual exhibited significance increased correlation in EEG activity in the right hemisphere, and mood states in the same parts of experiment, all refer to nonlocal connection [10]. This is experimental evidence that human bio emotional energy has a subtle and significant nonlocal effect, nonlocal connections (entanglement) on people, event, and organic matter [10].

Nonlocality: Nonlocality is the ability of objects to know instantaneously about each other’s state, even when separated by large distances. Separated parts of the universe actually potentially connected in an intimate and immediate way. Nonlocality occurred due to the phenomenon of entanglement, where particles interactions behave as a single entity, dependent on each other’s states and properties [11].

The biofield is not limited only to organisms, it is also a part of what called inanimate nature. All fields have specific areas of memory. Cleve Backster was the first scientist who coined the conception of primary perception. He noted in plants, as well as animals’ nonlocal significant correlation in reaction to harm and feelings [12]. The EM field is coherent the more tightly connected to the biofield. When subject one exposed to light, the brain of subject two instantly experiencing brain waves that correlates with the applied photo stimulus. The interaction between two human subjects is not limited by the distance, and it seems that information is travelling faster than the speed of light [6].

he law of vibration: Quantum physics is saying that everything is energy; our universe is energy; when we go to the subatomic level, we do not find matter, but pure energy, some call this unified field or the matrix [13]. We are living in an ocean of energy; we are all connected at the lowest level, what John Hagelin calls “the unified field”. Everything has its own vibrational frequency, all governed by the law of vibration. The law of vibration states that everything in the universe moves and vibrates. Everything vibrates in one frequency or another, this makes things seem as separated items, but actually, we are all connected in the unified field at the lowest level of existence [13].

Human Biofield Body and Psychical Ability

Many scientists and researchers tried to research the connection between biofield body and psi phenomena, or parapsychological phenomena. Per singer, who died in 2018, suggested that subtle changes in geomagnetic activity play as mediator of parapsychological phenomena; his major research themes included electromagnetic field effects upon biological organisms. He believes in non-local interactions between human brain activity and geophysical processes [14]. Per singer presented strong evidence about correlation between geometric activities at the time of a precognition experience, three days before the event, not during the event itself, the same was with telepathy and clairvoyance. Measurement of the brain activity of psychic individuals revealed unusual electrical brain patterns in the right hemisphere; increased photon emissions [14].

Labuschangne in his paper about Biofilds suggested resonance as an important characteristic of physical field, which enables the transmission of energy and information at lower power over long distances. By resonance, he explained parapsychological phenomena particularly; telepathy, PK, psychic healing; via the mechanism of modulated biofield transmission/reception utilizing principles of resonance [15]. The philosopher Tam Hunt suggested a new theory of consciousness; “resonance theory of consciousness”, which he explained as vibrating in everything in our universe, everything is vibrating resonating at various frequencies. Resonance is a type of motion oscillating between two states, when different oscillating things are close together for a time, they begin to vibrate in synchronize. Synchronization is a kind of physical communication between entities [16].

Freedman and others in their paper about brain and psi found in their experiment that the frontal brain systems act as a filter to inhibit psi and those inhibitory mechanisms might relate to selfawareness [17]. Finally, biofield imaging found that biofield energy body changes during psychical experience; in their experiment through mediation time, they found changes in biofield colors and shape, like cosmic egg surrounding the mediator subject [18].

Conclusion and Suggested Hypothesis

From all mentioned above, I might suggest “conscious biocommunication”, which is a tele measurable communication emitted from “wave body” that surrounding human body and made from human biofield energy, a unique, print, EM resonating system, acting in nonlocality, vibrating nature under the umbrella of SR.

Such unified, global information universe may explain psi phenomena in measurable way, so that suggested answers to the core idea of this article dilemma are:

H1: Every existence vibrates in universe.

H2: Each vibrate conduct wave field.

H3: Each existence has wave print; wave signature, according to the dynamic interactions among its components.

H4: Our mind feels such wave signature; (wave print) of any item, in implicit way (unconsciously), and react with; which means perceive it personally; by connecting it with similar present and past experiences, and affect it as well, such reaction suggested as: “conscious bio-communication”.

In my previous article, titled as: “what is psi?” I defined psi as a functional definition answering: what is psi function? Which I suggested it as a potential adaptive ability to sense and affect through distance [19], but here, I am trying to answer a constructive face of psi, “as the ability to react with vibrations”, if constructed definition comes from measurable component, we may achieve progress in studying psi scientifically; to have definite measurable acceptable component that we hardly debate. In psychology, we postulated that human measurable behavior is a unit of experiment, and in parapsychology (psi), we may postulate that human biofield body is a unit of study and experiment, which might introduce psi topic as a wide range accepted one from all scientists’ disciplines.



Conflict of Interest

No conflict of interest.


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