Open Access Review Article

Is Psi an Ability to React with Vibrations?

Samah Khaled Zahran*

Professor of Personality and Social Psychology, Ain Shams University, Egypt

Corresponding Author

Received Date: November 29, 2019;  Published Date: December 12, 2019


This is an inductive article, aims to suggest number of hypothesis; as an initial answer, susceptible to examination, from logic prefaces, about human biofield energy body, with its relationship with psychical ability (psi), or sixth sense experiences. Suggested hypothesis is: H1: Every existence vibrates in universe. H2: Each vibrate conduct wave field. H3: Each existence has wave print according to dynamic interactions among its components. H4: Our mind feels such wave signature; (wave print) in implicit way (unconsciously), and react with; which means perceive it personally; by connecting it with similar present and past experiences, and affect it as well, such reaction suggested as: conscious bio-communication”.

Keywords: Human biofield body; Variables that affect human biofield body (human wave body); Psi and human biofield body; Conscious bio communication

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