Open Access Research Article

Saphenous Nerve Block to the Adductor Canal and IPACK Block In Analgesic Management of Knee Replacements: Our Experience

Luca De Lipsis*

Anaesthesia Department, “Sacred Heart of Jesus” Hospital, Benevento, Italy

Corresponding Author

Received Date: April 27, 2023;  Published Date:May 24, 2023


The implantation of a knee prosthesis is a very common operation but burdened by significant pain in the immediate operating place, after resolution of anesthesia [1]. Recent SAARTI guidelines suggest a reduction in the use of opioids, commonly used as first-line drugs in postoperative analgesia for interventions that cause intense pain, in order to reduce adverse effects [2-4]. Locoregional ultrasound-guided analgesia represents an alternative to the use of opioids and the new fascia blocks can represent a valid and safe method in the management of postoperative pain [5, 6]. The aim of our study was to improve analgesia during the postoperative period, using a double band block, saphenous nerve block to the adductor canal (ACB) and infiltration of local anesthetic in the interspace between the popliteal artery and the posterior capsule of the knee (IPACK block), testing in the postoperative NRS scale, the appearance of side effects, cumulative opioid use, physical recovery of patients and their degree of satisfaction.

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