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Association of Pulse Rate with Cartoons Watching

Dua Noor and Muhammad Imran Qadir*

Institute of Molecular Biology and Biotechnology, Multan, Pakistan

Corresponding Author

Received Date:January 21, 2019;  Published Date: February 08, 2019


This project actually describes the association of pulse rate with cartoons watching. The pulse is the measurement of individual beats in a specific time period. There is also normal, medium and higher pulse rate. The ideal pulse rate is from 60 beats to 100 beats in adult. Thus, there were 200 subjects performed in this study. They all were between the age of 18-22. They were the students of Bahauddin Zakriya University Multan Pakistan. All of them described that whether they like cartoon watching or not according to their pulse rate. And by calculating their pulse rate we determined average and standard deviation and also the t-test of students by Ms excel.

Keywords:Pulse rate; Pulse measurement; Cartoons watching; Animation; Students of university


The word pulse simply means the number of individual beats in a specified time period such as one minute. The word pulse is actually a rhythmical beating, vibration or sounding. Pulse is the elaboration of artery. This elaboration is due to the increase of blood pressure that is pushing against the walls of arteries. When the heart pumps the blood, these elaborations rise and fall in time. Pulse is often measured by feeling the arteries of wrist and neck. It is the rhythmical dilation of an artery that result from beating the heart. For an adult the ideal heart rate should be 60-100 beats in one minute. The person whose heart rate is lower than 60 beats is suffering from the disease of bradycardia. For adults the heart rate more than 100 beats is considered to be most fast which is dangerous heart rate. There are present some places where there is less chance to find the pulse and one of that places is on the top or inner side of the foot [1].

This research article is about the connection of pulse rate with cartoons watching. Cartoons are the source of entertainment. There is also the less risk of stress for the adults who watch cartoons. cartoons are the remedyto stress as they are humorous. Cartoons also reduce stress related diseases like heart attack. Cartoons has also a lot of benefits for kids. There are also many types of cartoons like animated, science fiction, fantasy. These are the source of entertainment. Objective of presence study was to correlate cartoons watching with pulse rate [2].

Materials and Methods

There were the 200 subjects who participated in this study and they all were the students of the university named as Bahauddin Zakriya University Multan Pakistan.

Measurement of pulse rate

At first to check your pulse at your wrist place two fingers on your radial artery and in between the bone and tendon which is present on the thumb side of your wrist. Now start the stop watch and count the heart beats per minute. Thus, for an adult it must be 60-100 beats in one minute.

Project Design

A questionnaire was prepared regarding the connection of cartoons watching.


For statistical analysis we used M state.

Results and Discussion

The p value < 0.05 is insignificant.

Students t-test was used to analyze the results. P value of 0.347 was considered as insignificant. Pulse was measured by using stopwatch. Different students were with different pulse rate. And all of them shared different point of views about liking and disliking of cartoons watching. We also determined mean value and standard deviation by using Ms excel and also students t-test by excel. The p value that we determined was 0.347 which was in significant [3-10] Table 1.

Table 1:Average and standard deviation about liking and disliking of cartoon watching.



It was concluded from the presence study that persons with lower pulse rate likes cartoon watching and with higher pulse rate do not like cartoon watching. The p value that we determined was 0.347 which was insignificant. The average that we determined was 80.39 for those who like cartoon watching and 81.3 were those who do not like cartoon watching.



Conflict of Interest

No conflict of interest.

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