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Using Cellphone While Driving Among Saudi Drivers in Saudi Arabia, Cross Section Study 2018

Fahad I Alamri1, Maria Alamr2, Afra Bukhari2, Randah Al alweet2, Alanoud Nugali2 and Samar A Amer3*

1Department of Family Medicine, Dg of Health Promotion and Health Education, Ministry of Health, Saudi Arabia.

2Department of epidemiology, Health and Rehabilitation College, Princess Noura Bint Abdulrahman University, Saudi Arabia.

3Department of public health and community medicine and fellowship of Royal college at family medicine, Saudi Arabia.

Corresponding Author

Received Date: June 09, 2020;  Published Date: July 14, 2020


Background: Recently, the use of cell phone has increased among people nevertheless use it while driving lead to driver distraction which increases the risk of accidents and it is considered as a main cause of deaths in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA).

The aim: To measure the level of knowledge, the practice and the risk of using cell phone while driving and its’ related hazards in KSA, in order to decrease the prevalence of its use while driving.

Method: A cross-sectional study targeting 1320 randomly selected Saudi drivers, stratified to present the main 5 different regions (404 center, 386 west, 212 east, 232 souths, and 86 north), during October 2017-Jan year 2018. The data collected through online well-structured questionnaire and analyzed using the suitable tests.

Results: 1003(75.9%) of participants using cellphone recurrent while driving, 1076(81.5%) for calling, because 44.3% addicted to its use,85.1% by hands,90% when alone. 59.1% of drivers don’t use the Cellphone Holder or Bluetooth due to unavailability.82.8% had an accident, and 86% exposed to danger .97.9% had good knowledge only 12.1% had good practice, there was a significant association between using cell phone while driving and risk of accidents (p<0.05).

Conclusion: The central region had a highest prevalence of using cell phone while driving, most of the drivers have a good knowledge but they still using cell phone while driving in a bad practice.

Keywords: Cell phone use; Driving; Accident, KSA

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