Open Access Opinion

When the Perfect Environment is Not Enough for People Living with Dementia

Dawn Wiggins*

University of Stirling, Canada

Corresponding Author

Received Date: January 06, 2020;  Published Date: January 17, 2020


This opinion piece will discuss the differences between treating dementia the disease and treating the person who happens to have dementia. When one treats the person rather than the disease, there is a better chance of collaboration and understanding and greater opportunity for both the carer and the person with dementia to feel seen and understood and to have a good experience. One major element of focus in regard to treating the person rather than the disease with the use of humor and laughter. Proper training for the family member and carer will be a smaller focus in this opinion piece. Finally, the author’s professional experience in the field of dementia care will be highlighted in order to strengthen the ideas and theory being presented.

Keywords:Dementia, Carer, Humor, Healing, Care partnerships, Dementia education, Self-care, Memory care

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