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Open Access Short Communication

The Importance of the Psychiatric Hospital in Facing the COVID-19 Pandemic - Experience Report

Freire ACC¹* and Moromizato MS²

1Faculdade de Medicina da Bahia - UFBA; Escola Bahiana de Medicina; Hospital Juliano Moreira/BA, Brazil

2Residente de Psiquiatria do Hospital Juliano Moreira/BA, Brazil

Corresponding Author

Received Date: September 28, 2021;  Published Date: October 07, 2021


In the context of the pandemic by COVID-19, the impact on mental health led to an increase in demand for psychiatric care. Thus, the psychiatric hospital had to promote coping strategies in order to reduce the contagion of infection among employees and patients. The Juliano Moreira Hospital, a reference in the psychiatry field in the city of Salvador-Bahia, reorganized the dynamics of its operation by developing the Contingency Plan for prevention of COVID-19, this allowed continuity in the treatment and led to a low rate of contagion during hospitalization. In the midst of difficulties, adaptation is necessary and fundamental for the assistance to be maintained.

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