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Intracerebral Hemorrhage (ICH) Score and the Prognosis of Spontaneous Intracerebral Hematoma

Damelan Kombate1, Komi Igneza Agbotsou2, Deborah Kaglan2, Kokou Mensah Guinhouya2, Agba Lehleng1*, Kossivi Apétsè2, Vinyo Kumako1*, Katanga Anthony Bekety1, Assogba Komi2, Mofou Bélo2 and Balogou AA Koffi2

1University of Kara, Regional Hospital of Kara, 1*Teaching Hospital of Kara, Togo

2Department of Neurology, University of Lomé, Teaching Hospital Campus, Togo

Corresponding Author

Received Date: August 13, 2021;  Published Date: August 31, 2021


Background: Intracerebral hemorrhage (ICH) score is a major predictor of 30-day lethality.

Purpose: The aim of this study was to investigate the lethality factors associated with cerebral hemorrhage, the correlations between lethality and the volume of the hematoma, the Glasgow score and the ICH score.

Methods: We conducted a retrospective and descriptive cross-sectional study of 604 patients admitted for an intracerebral hemorrhage (ICH) between January 1, 2014 and December 31, 2018 in the department of neurology of the Campus Teaching Hospital in Lomé. Patients with spontaneous ICH were included in this study. 68 files were excluded from the study because of lack of precision on clinical information and consequently 536 patients remained for the analysis. The ICH score was calculated according to the Hemphil formula. All statistical analyses were conducted using the Epi Data ® software version

Results: The sex ratio M/F was 1.13 with a mean age of 51.9 years ± 12. Arterial hypertension was present in 70.19% and chronic alcoholism in (40.74%). The 30-day lethality was 25.93% (139/536). Increased ICH score was significantly correlated with greater lethality, p = 0.001. Hematoma volume was ≥ 30 ml in 5.78% (31/536) and <30 ml in 94.21% (505/536). Hematoma volume ≥ 30 ml, was significantly correlated with a greater lethality 54.54% (18/33) than a volume <30 ml, 23.88% (128/536), p = 0.001. The topography of the hematoma was supratentorial in 95.89% (514/536), subtentorial in 1.30% (7/536), basal ganglia 90.67% (486/536) and mixed in 2.05% (11/536).

Conclusion: Lethality associated with ICH remains high in our health centers. Our study has stressed the need to prevent ICH by screening and treating high blood pressure.

Keywords:Intracerebral haemorrhage; ICH score; Lethality, Togo

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