Open Access Case Report

A Case of Branch Retinal Vein Occlusion with Macular Edema Presenting as Sub-Acute Vision Loss

Gomes RR1*, Basak DK2 and Rahman M3

1Associate Professor, Medicine, Ad-din Women’s Medical College and Hospital, Bangladesh

2Assiociate Consultant, Medicine, Sqaure Hospitals Limited, Bangladesh

3Emergency Medical Officer, Opthalmology, National Institute of Opthalmology, Bangladesh

Corresponding Author

Received Date: July 03, 2020;  Published Date: July 21, 2020


Branch retinal vein occlusion is the most common retinal vein occlusion. RVO is divided into central (CRVO), hemi (HRVO) and branch retinal vein (BRVO) occlusion. BRVO is venous occlusion at any branch of central retinal vein. Here our case illustrates present a 40 years old gentleman presented with sub-acute vision loss. He was found to have superior temporal branch retinal vein occlusion where hypertension, diabetes mellitus and dyslipidemia were thought to be the main risk factors. Close follow up, tight blood pressure are crucial to prevent the similar scenario in the fellow eye.

Keywords:Retinal vein; Sub-acute vision loss; Hypertension; Dyslipidemia; Diabetes mellitus

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