Open Access Editorial

The Importance of Statistical Knowledge and Biostatistical Interpretation of Scientific Manuscripts for the Healthcare Team

Marcel Marcano Lozada*

Aggregate Professor Microbiology Department, Medicina Faculty, Universidad Central de Venezuela and Medical Microbiologist at Angios Vascular Center / Wound Clinic, Caracas, Venezuela

Corresponding Author

Received Date: December 18, 2018;  Published Date: December 21, 2018


One question comes to my memory when I’m thinking in the importance of know and understand the signification of the statistical analysis when a scientific manuscript is reading, and this question comes from many of my students… “Professor we´re doctors (or nurses, technicians, biomedical engineers, microbiologists, etc.), our focus is the patient, so, why we need to dedicate time to learn about statistical analysis and interpretation of it?, we´re so busy to take another task”.

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