Open Access Review Article

Informational Mechanisms Created While Biological Evolution: Deductive ‘Construing’ – from Elementary Cells to Intuition and Harmony

Vladimir M Petrov*

Department of Biostatistics, Russia

Corresponding Author

Received Date: July 09, 2019;  Published Date: July 16, 2019


In the framework of the systemic-informational approach, interactions between sets of ‘computational blocks’ (e.g., neurons or other units) are subdued to optimization. The resulting multi-level hierarchy responds to statistical regularities inherent in biological, social, and cultural systems, first of all the ‘power law’ (hyperbolic distribution) and ‘regression to the mean.’ Extrapolating a set of partial models dealing with information processing and formed while biological evolution, we come to the need for additional ‘tools’ named ‘emotion’ and ‘intuition.’ Their bases should be ‘harmony’ in co-existence of different levels of the hierarchical structure deduced. Some extremely low-probable events occur needed and possible, permitting to speak of approaching to ‘general scientific theory of miracles.’

Keywords: Information; Entropy; Psychology; Statistics; Optimality; Regression; Power Law; Neurons; Intuition; Extrapolation; Correlation; Resource; Hierarchy; Witches; Miracles; Forecasting

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