Open Access Review Article

Correlative Variation of the Essential Amino Acids

Mazurkin PM*

Department of environmental engineering, Volga State Technological University, Russia

Corresponding Author

Received Date: October 26, 2018;  Published Date: November 14, 2018


On the example of the table of contents of eight essential amino acids in 22 products, the methodology of factor analysis and determination of the coefficient of correlation variation, calculated as the ratio of the sum of the correlation coefficients of stable laws and laws of binary relations between amino acids to the product of the number of amino acids as influencing variables and as dependent indicators. It is shown that this evaluation criterion depends on the composition of the products and the set of amino acids taken into account. Therefore, it is proposed to make a more complete table taking into account the set of objects, which takes into account the content of all 20 amino acids. The law of binary relations between amino acids is the sum of the exponential law and the biotechnical law of stress excitation in the product. By correlation coefficients of individual binary relations, the ratings of amino acids as influencing variables and as dependent indicators are performed. The correlation matrix of super strong bonds of essential amino acids with correlation coefficients of more than 0.99 is considered, in part of which the graphs are given. By the nature of behavior, it is proposed to classify the binary relationships between amino acids into positive, neutral and negative. Separately, the method of rating products. The equations and graphs of rank distributions of the content of essential amino acids in products are given. The rating of essential amino acids by dispersion of residues from the equations of binary relations and rank distributions is given.

Keywords: Amino acids; Products; Factor analysis; Regularities; Correlation coefficients; Coefficient of a correlative variation

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