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Can the Rediscovering of the Child’s Heart Bring Long Term Health and the Willingness to Care for the Environment?

James Reidy*

RTTR Department, USA

Corresponding Author

Received Date: July 30, 2019;  Published Date: August 13, 2019


As we search to find methods to bring peace and tranquility to our most crazy and chaotic world, let’s do not forget to rediscover our child’s heart to bring us long term health and a commitment to protect our mother earth forever. Several of my elders from six different tribes over the past forty-seven years taught that the longest journey of our adult life Is from the mind to the child’s heart and the trip is shorter for the child. As we go through life, we have a tendency to lengthen this journey by ignoring the road to our child’s heart and over time the road becomes more difficult to navigate because we did not take the time to repair the potholes and collapsed bridges. The journey becomes more impassable because of the layers of ego, self-ritechessness, apathy, addition to chemical and not chemical entities, depression, anxiety, drama and social baggage we have added to the road.

The road to the child’s heart is not cluttered and the heart can see with innocence, purity, humility, full of inquiry, looks beyond the physical and has a greater connection to that, that is sacred. Therefore, a shorter and more pleasant journey. For the purpose of this article the term metamorphic mind will be considered the journey from the adult mind to the child’s heart. Please, in the following article take what you want and leave the rest behind. Several of my elders taught me about how all things are connected and as I understand it, the metamorphic mind allows us to interpret our natural surroundings in a different way, an inter-relational way with strong bonds to the unifying mystical cosmic energy that flows in and through all things. This connection allows our mind and child’s heart to understand that we are related to everything. Carl Jung was concerned with the rational/scientific/empirical mind dehumanizing our world. He was concerned that the western world would not see the sacredness in anything any longer and that we have gotten rid of the metamorphic mind all together.

It is very important that we have a relationship with mother earth if we are to revive the metamorphic mind. There are many studies now that show how just being in nature assists us to have a healthy heart rate and blood pressure. Other studies report that just walking next to a natural woodland, bacteria will help strengthen your immune system. Also, being in nature restores your mind so it will perform better when returning to work, school or a hectic space. Other physical help nature provides us is the reduction of depression, and anxiety. But, what about the invisible force that moves through and in all things. What should our relationship be with this mysterious energy? How does the metamorphic mind interpret this powerful realm that brings us awe, tranquility and contentment? How does the connection to this sacred energy create a long-term desire to support a healthy mother earth? Remember we cannot be healthy without our mother earth being healthy. Therefore, we must act. But what stops us from being committed? Is it apathy, selfishness, inability to change, not believing one person can change the world, and being disconnected? So how do we connect to all things? Many of my elders kept reminding me that being quiet, putting your mind above all earth-bound things, do not speak, clear your mind of all bad thoughts, blot out sounds of manmade things, and listen with your heart when you are in nature or observing the stars will create a moment in time to re-visit the metamorphic mind and look beyond the physical. At this point one truly appreciates life and the wonders of nature. Appreciation with depth and Divine awareness gives us a clear solution to things.

So how is it that we are connected to all things? An elder took me to a historic site in which his people had several lodges. The village was so old that only the earth gave clues that it existed. The elder pointed out where food was cached and where his grandfather was buried in the old way. The elder then pointed to a Eastern Red Cedar tree and claimed it was his grandfather. Of course, his claim did not register in my brain because of the long journey to the heart was not navigable at the time. Soon I remembered my study of physics and the laws of thermal dynamics and how energy transfers. The elder reminded me that being buried in the old way, the body could decompose. His grandfather was buried with his medicine pouch and in the pouch was a Eastern Red Cedar seed. Therefore, the decomposition of his grandfather nourished the seed and a tree grew with some of his grandfather’s energy. When the deer ate parts of the tree, the deer became his grandfather and when the eagle ate the deer, it also became his grandfather. The metamorphic mind through the processes of meditation can begin to see how all things are connected by a sacred energy and the feeling one possess when they openly receive this cosmic energy.

Should the invisible, mysterious, energy that has no beginning be called sacred? Some may disagree, but to those the question should be asked of them, who made this life giving energy? No human, government, corporation, religion or artificial intelligence can claim they made this energy that flows through all things and creates miracles on a daily basis. Miracles like photosynthesis, birth of a child or animal, the development of a huge tree that came from a very small seed, and the substances we need to survive everyday such as air and water. We must remember when we communicate or engage others, we are engaging with the spiritual or Devine energy of the physical being and not the physical being itself. Once the spiritual energy leaves the physical component, life is vacated and there is no longer a response to you.

The metamorphic mind allows one to understand that they are not alone because they are connected to all things. And, if all things carry the same sacred energy, and humans are willing to believe they carry a sacredness with them, they should do everything possible to nurture, care for and respect this energy every second of every day within themselves and all other things. With the stimulation of the child’s heart on a daily basis and the acceptance of a sacred energy flowing through your body, there should be long term calmness that brings one contentment twenty-four hours a day knowing a sacred energy thrives inside those that maintain this belief. This calmness will remain with you throughout the day even in highly charged and chaotic moments.

The individual that embraces the child’s heart on a daily basis and carries the belief of sacred energy being present in all things will understand how we are related with all things especially our mother earth. With this healthy long-term outlook, those with the metamorphic mind will realize that a healthy earth brings health to all things that depend upon her. This realization will assist all in committing energy on a daily basis to save our mother the earth from those that are greedy, selfish, and live in apathy. Remember, as the health of our mother the earth goes so does our health. Therefore, our reward for keeping the earth healthy will be our wholistic healthy grandchildren’s grandchildren’s. Finally, rediscover your child’s heart and contemplate mirror, mirror our earth and sky.



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