Open Access Mini Review

Mindfulness Interventions and Their Application to the Work Environment

Mario A Diaz and Eros R DeSouza*

Department of Psychology, Illinois State University, USA

Corresponding Author

Received Date: September 27, 2021;  Published Date:October 26, 2021


By focusing research efforts towards extending mindfulness knowledge, existing research can shed light onto the potential of mindfulness and the beneficial techniques it may offer. Techniques of mindfulness include meditation, interventions, training, and mindfulness-based strategies. Mindfulness interventions can provide insight into the benefits of mindfulness in work settings. Recently, work-related mindfulness programs have increased in popularity due to their claims of positive effects on employees’ well-being and work-related benefits. Previous mindfulness research has demonstrated positive effects on organizational issues like lowering turnover and increasing employees’ job performance. Yet, well-designed scientific research has been lacking to test the effectiveness of mindfulness interventions within the work environment. This entry provides examples of recent scientific studies that demonstrate various mindfulness intervention applications to the work environment. These preliminary results suggest that mindfulness can improve the work environment.

Keywords: Mindfulness, Interventions, Meditation, Work environment, Intrinsic benefits, Extrinsic benefits

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