Open Access Short Communication

Covid-19 and College Sports: Lessons and Consequences

Murphy Joseph*

Associate professor of Athletic Training, Pennsylvania State University, USA

Corresponding Author

Received Date: December 22, 2020;  Published Date: January 20, 2021


I am blessed to spend most of life working in sports, first as a fulltime Athletic Trainer then transitioning into academia but still having a hand in patient care. I have spent 20 years practicing and teaching in sports medicine and I thought I had seen a lot then March 11, 2020 happened. Covid-19 began to invade sports in early March and soon after that sports were shutdown. The next few months my colleagues spent countless amount of time developing protocols and working with patients remotely. Today, I want to talk about unsung heroes of sports the sports medicine staffs and the ethics of playing sports in the midst of a pandemic.

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