Open Access Case Report

Case Based Discussion of Surgical Approach to Deep Infiltrating Endometriosis

Hasib Ahmed*

Medway NHS Foundation Trust, UK

Corresponding Author

Received Date: January 05, 2019;  Published Date: January 11, 2019


Endometriosis presents a diagnostic challenge as clinical symptoms do not correlate well with the extent of disease [1]. Cramer, et al. [2] found that menstrual cycle length shorter than 27 days, menses longer than 7 days and severe cramping dysmenorrhea were predictive of endometriosis with relative risks of 2.1 (95%CI 1.5-2.9), 2.4 (95%CI 1.4-4.0) and 6.7(95%CI 4.4-10.2) respectively. The study compared 268 women with infertility and laparoscopically confirmed endometriosis with 3794 women admitted for delivery (controls) using a retrospective questionnaire.

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