Open Access Mini Review

Photosynthetic Activity of Fodder Grasses Under Conditions of Drought Stress

Mariola Staniak*

Department of Forage Crop Production, Institute of Soil Science and Plant Cultivation-State Research Institute, Poland

Corresponding Author

Received Date:December 23, 2018;  Published Date: January 09, 2019


Crop performance is the results of genotypic expression modified by interaction with the environment. One of the environmental factors, that most widely limiting for the crop production is water. The deficit of water significantly limits the growth, development and yielding of crops. The paper presents a mini review of the own research results and the literature on the effect of water shortage on the rate of photosynthesis of forage grasses. A better understanding the physiological reactions of plants to water stress should improving irrigation efficiency, modifying plants for more efficient water use, and developing effective agriculture on dry area.

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