Open Access Opinion

The Real Wealth of Nations – Natural Capital and Ecosystem Services

Paul C Sutton*

Professor, Department of Geography and the Environment, University of Denver, USA

Corresponding Author

Received Date:June 06, 2020;  Published Date: June 17, 2020


I want to make an argument about the incredible value of our planet and its functioning ecosystems. Our economy, our society, and our very lives depend on the earth and its functioning ecosystems. I also want to explain how our economic system corrupts our minds into not appreciating this value. I am not here to put a price tag on the planet and commodify nature; however, I do believe attributing a dollar value to nature can raise awareness as to the value of what we have and how much of it we are losing. I know it is not cool to say this but I am a ‘glass half empty’ kind of guy. I worry about social and environmental problems like economic inequality, climate change, land degradation, and species extinction. These problems are a serious threat to the nature and future of human civilization. Scientists know this but have failed to effectively communicate the seriousness of these realties to the public at large. Sadly, these problems are getting worse - not better. Valuing nature can help us solve these problems.

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