Open Access Mini Review

Foundation Health, Ethics and Body Situations

Bernard T1,3*, Francois Jacob2 and Ogien Ruwen4

1,3Department of Art Sciences and Sociology, Pantheon Sorbonne Paris, France

2Associate Researcher, Forensic Laboratory, Descartes Paris V, France

4Researcher, Department of Contemporary Sociology, Descartes Paris V, France

Corresponding Author

Received Date: December 17, 2018;  Published Date: January 08, 2019


We can understand the great complexity that tends to increase with the development of knowledge and technology. In reality, the assembly of knowledge and the evolution of all scientific approaches amplify the science of possibilities by discarding the drive towards a control of medical variability while multiplying, contradictorily, the means of selection and preferences leading to questions. Socrates in his time submitted in one of his aphorisms: “Our uncertainty increases according to knowledge as the perimeter of a circle according to its radius”.

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