Open Access Research Article

Creative Innovative Higher Education of Researchers with Flexible Skills and Synergy of Cooperation

Evgeniy Bryndin*

International American Academy of Education, Russia

Corresponding Author

Received Date: November 09, 2018;  Published Date: December 19, 2018


The concepts “creative activity”, “creative abilities”, “creative education” are already widely used both in western, and in the Russian scientific thought today and have innovative contents. Innovations have creative force: high novelty and usefulness and also provide competitive advantages and successful corporate activity in the market in the long-term period. Creativity has various forms: scientific (opening); technical (inventions); economic (business); social (relations with people); political (public administration); educational (cultivation of innovators). For training orientation to creative innovative approach of the higher education which ideally has to reveal, support and develop the creative potential of each personality is productive, growing up multi and between disciplinary researchers on fundamental subject knowledge, especially mathematicians – the queen of sciences. Within multi disciplinary approach communications of the studied subject domains come to light. As a result there are cross-disciplinary researches. As a result of cross-disciplinary researches new disciplines appear. To accelerate process of innovative cultivation the field and between disciplinary researchers and also to increase synergy of their cooperation, the advanced digital technologies will help.

Keywords:Creativity; Education; Innovations; Researches; Synergy

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