Open Access Mini Review

Natural Resource Use, Misuse, Strategy, Policy to Regeneration and Conservation in Ethiopia. In Case of Soil and Water

Tsegamariam Dula* and Tadele Alemayhu

Department of Agricultural Economics, Ethiopia

Corresponding Author

Received Date: August 08, 2019;  Published Date: September 10, 2019


A natural resource is a material that comes from the Earth and in its raw or “natural” state is of value for one reason or another. Thus, this paper was conducted to review use & misuse, strategies & policy of natural resources particularly soil and water conservation & regeneration interventions in Ethiopia. Soils have at least six main functions (uses) relevant to human life [1]. It is to be noted that small-holder farming is the dominant feature of Ethiopia’s agriculture (Ethiopian Highland Reclamation Study of 1996). Soil; also bring into play for agricultural production, production of biomass. In Ethiopia, water; have multipurpose, for example, agricultural production, and hydropower but in some context misuse it such as polluting, overexploitation. But, misuse it in various circumstances by overgrazing, over plowing. Therefore, adopt sustainable soil and water conservation interventions and develop effective strategies for the soil and water conservation program are important.

Keywords: Soil; water; Policy; Strategy

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