Open Access Research article

The Cyber Vulnerability in Automation of Material Handling and Logistics Systems

MD Sarder*

Department of Engineering Technologies, Bowling Green State University, USA

Corresponding Author

Received Date: November 19, 2019;  Published Date: February 04, 2020


The level of automation in material handling and logistics industries has increased significantly in recent years. This increase in automation and integration is driven by customer expectations, technology shifts, and pursuit for perfections among others. The material handling and logistics industries not only become effective and efficient, but also became competitive in the market Place. On the other hand, this increased automation exposes vulnerability to cyberattacks. The frequency and impact of cyberattacks on businesses doubled in the last five years and expected to triple in the next five years. Cybersecurity breach poses a dynamic challenge to businesses and threatens their smooth operations and competitive advantage. Study reveals that one in three small businesses do not have the resources in place to protect themselves. Some businesses are more vulnerable to cyberattacks that others, but none is spared from potential attacks. Businesses need to be strategic in cyber defense and create a resilient system that minimizes the impact of cyberattacks. This paper mainly focuses on challenges faced by cybersecurity and how businesses, especially the material handling and logistics should do to address those challenges.

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