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We & CORONA, where to?!

Majid Mohammed Mahmood*

Department of Biology, Mustansiriyah University, Iraq

Corresponding Author

Received Date: April 10, 2020;  Published Date: April 23, 2020


As a novel virus, Coronavirus or SARS-Covid-19 as agreed to be called yet is expected to keep freely replicates comparing to other, known viruses for the fact that there were and still no previous exposure by the immune system to its antigens. The matter would be attributed to immune response gene that controls cellular& humoral specific immune responses.

As well known, historically many morbidity causatives agents had destroyed communities when they were not recognized (immunologically) yet, but they had gotten less & less chances to replicate and transmit once they’re gradually identified by the immune system in term of successive generations. This was for the host (the human, here) and his natural capabilities and diverse interventions. But for the virus, on other hand, it’s going to be less exhausting as time gone and this would be the ultimate trend of parasites of successful parasitism, since their host’s depletion or even further exhaustion would be against their favorites for reasons behind their persistence & continuation.

In respect to viruses, this matter of course is partially correlating to natural selection (postulate). Besides the fact that the graded recognition of the immune system to Coronavirus antigens throughout repeated exposure to a limit of copies of the virus (less than minimum infective dose) is undoubtedly considered as a typical, natural way to gain acquired immunity though that weak it would firstly be but it’d take accumulative& co-strengthen attitude on time ahead. Forgetting not what the lessen replicating chances and less availability of ready hosts due to candidate usable vaccines & successful vaccination.

All that is happening, steps wisely, & the virus might remain (eventually) included in human accompanied viruses’ list & revealed as mutations, tracked by the immune system, manifested through the resultant memory cells & serum level of protective antibodies that could providing us escape opportunities from infections were potentially been caused by. Likewise, more copies of the virus do not cause diseases, such as that caused by the day the immune system was of recent dealing with the virus, but rather its morbidity is transient that we do not feel or with slight symptoms that we don’t pay attention to.

Same virus’ vaccines could be transferred someday to describable vaccines’ list, which scheduled to be administered to certain community categories might include elderly, immune compromised & others (the vulnerable, who were feared about, from infection’s consequences &complications for their noncompetent immune systems, after a definite or indefinite reason). Bearing in mind that there is a fearsome of acquiring the virus (which stay dormant) during summer season in countries of hot climate, which reactivates during winter.



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