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Defining the Wildland Urban Interface: A Logic Graphical Interpretation of Population Density

William E Schlosser*

Environmental Scientist & Regional Planner, D&D Larix, LLC, USA

Corresponding Author

Received Date: July 18, 2023;  Published Date: July 26, 2023


The Wildland-Urban Interface (WUI) represents the intermix of human settlements and Fire-Prone Landscapes (FPL), posing significant risks from extreme wildfires. This article presents a logic-graphical interpretation of the WUI, focusing on population density derived from structure locations. Accurate mapping of the WUI is crucial for effective wildfire management. Additionally, FPL analysis, which identifies areas with high wildfire risks, complements the WUI assessment. Separating these two analyses allows for a comprehensive understanding of wildfire threats.

The proposed methodology utilizes Geographical Information System (GIS) techniques to visualize the interaction between fire-prone landscapes and human settlements, enabling the identification of high-risk areas. The integration of the WUI definition and comprehensive risk assessment guides the development of Wildfire Mitigation Plans, ensuring the safety and continuity of communities. Collaboration between federal agencies, Tribal and County governments, as guided by the Healthy Forests Restoration Act (HFRA), promotes a comprehensive approach to wildfire management in the WUI. This article contributes to the understanding and management of the WUI, emphasizing the importance of accurate delineation, risk assessment, and collaboration in safeguarding lives and minimizing the socioeconomic impact of wildfires.

Keywords:Wildland Urban Interface; GIS mapping; Population density; Wildfire mitigation; Community safety; Critical infrastructure; Integrated approaches; Fire Prone landscapes

Abbreviations:FEMA: Federal Emergency Management Agency; FPL: Fire-Prone Landscapes; GIS: Geographical Information System; HFRA: Healthy Forests Restoration Act; IIC: Interface Interagency Committees; NAIP: National Agriculture Inventory Program; PVC: Percent Volume Content; WUI: Wildland-Urban Interface

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