Open Access Mini Review

A Critical Analysis of the Environmental Impacts of Desalination

Zakaria Triki*

Laboratory of Biomaterials and Transport Phenomena, University of Medea, Medea 26000, Algeria

Corresponding Author

Received Date: May 27, 2023;  Published Date: June 26, 2023


The desalination of seawater is widely recognized as a highly viable solution to address the increasing demand for freshwater. Despite the significant advantages in terms of economics, society, and public health that desalination offers, there are concerns regarding its possible negative effects on the environment. This study aims to comprehensively evaluate the potential environmental impacts of seawater desalination and explore the possibilities of more sustainable desalination methods. The study systematically examines the environmental effects of desalination on the marine ecosystem, land, groundwater, and air quality. Furthermore, it seeks to critically analyze the actual occurrence of these alleged impacts by referencing evidence from real desalination plants.

Keywords:Desalination, Environmental impacts, Marine ecosystems, Brine discharge and management, Greenhouse gas emissions,

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