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Reinforcing Teaching Strategies with Demonstrational Videos in Dental Education

Haydar MM1*, Tan SY2, Melissa WLZ2, Yee LF2, Chong PJ2, Tan PK2 and Sum CY2

1Lecturer, Faculty of Dentistry, SEGi University, Malaysia

2MBDS Student, Faculty of Dentistry, SEGi University, Malaysia

Corresponding Author

Received Date: August 17, 2018;  Published Date: September 06 , 2018


Introduction: Blended learning is the trending concept in current educational system including the field of dentistry where traditional teachings are combined with online resources such as demonstrational videos etc.

Aims and Objectives: To assess whether demonstrational videos help enhance dental student’s confidence, knowledge and technique during local anesthesia injection.

Methods: Fifty dental students of year 3 (B.D.S.) of SEGi University were randomly allocated into two groups. Both groups were given live demonstration of the posterior superior alveolar (PSA) nerve injection technique. In addition, the test group received additional demonstrational video to watch. Then both the groups were made to inject on each other. Two oral surgeons assessed both the groups individually on some fixed criteria for injection technique. The data were collected and analyzed using SPSS version 22, mean values and percentages were compared between 2 groups using independent sample t-test and Chi-square test respectively.

Results: The mean score for injection technique was 1.4038 in control group and 1.6957 in the test group with p=0.004. In other aspects of this study, there was no significant difference found.

Conclusion: Demonstrational videos helped improve injection technique among dental undergraduates.

Keywords: Teaching, Visual learning, Dentistry, Dental, Demonstrating tools

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