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Digital Smile Design, Guided Surgery, Delivering Facial Driven Implant Treatment in A Failed Dentition: Case Reports

Kamsiah G Haider*

DSD Master and Instructor, Malaysia

Corresponding Author

Received Date: October 27, 2018;  Published Date: November 19, 2018


The Digital Smile Design (DSD) digital implant treatment planning solutions allow for predictable prosthetic results, DSD helps in visualizing the end product through a blue print. The transition of patients from failing dentition to complete-arch implant rehabilitation often means that the patient is rendered edentulous and has to wear a removable complete denture for a period of time. Many patients find this unacceptable. With the immediate loading concept, it is possible to offer our patients a third dentition on the day of extractions. Today, many people suffering failed dentition, moving towards edentulism, getting back their smile with a fixed prosthesis could be priceless. This treatment provides a fixed interim prosthesis use throughout the rehabilitation process, allowing patient comfort and prosthodontic control. The prosthesis is supported by the immediate implants that we placed which are all on the same day. The implants and prostheses were functioning successfully after surgery. Combination of digital smile planning and guided surgery helps to make a complex case which is carefully planned simpler and predictable in their implant’s placement and delivery of the prosthesis within the same day. Modern implant-based dentistry has delivered something to the edentulous patient that conventional dentures have never quite managed by comparison-substantially increased quality of life. A prosthesis held solidly in place by dental plants not only provides the comfort and security a patient is likely to be missing with removable dentures, it also preserves bone. Add to the equation emotional benefits -such as improved self-image, increased selfconfidence and a renewed social life-and an implant-based restoration becomes the clear choice.

Keywords: Digital smile design; Guided surgery; Facial driven; Implant planning and the all-on-4; Digital laboratory; 3D printing; CBCT; Decoma; STL

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