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A New Technique of Treating Periodontal Disease- “Bone One Session Treatment (Bost)”

Navneet Kaur*

Department of Periodontics, Faculty of dentistry, Baba Farid University of Health sciences, India

Corresponding Author

Received Date: September 13, 2021;  Published Date: October 04, 2021


Periodontitis is a chronic multifactorial inflammatory disease associated with dysbiotic plaque biofilms and characterized by progressive destruction of the tooth-supporting apparatus. Its primary features include the loss of periodontal tissue support, manifested through clinical attachment loss (CAL) and radiographically assessed alveolar bone loss, presence of periodontal pocketing and gingival bleeding. Periodontitis is a major public health problem due to its high prevalence, as well as because it may lead to tooth loss and disability, negatively affect chewing function and aesthetics, be a source of social inequality, and impair quality of life. There are advancements at the level of diagnostic and treatment modality to arrest the periodontal infection through various modern techniques that are available today.

The primary strategy of periodontal treatment is control over the etiological factors along with microorganisms, resolution of inflammation and restoring the lost alveolar support. Traditional treatment therapy such as Surgical and non-surgical therapy are the major aspects of periodontal treatment. Discontended with the traditional therapy to defend oral microflora and repair the lost alveolar bone support may lead the clinicians and researchers to explore the new frontier and unique technique is Bone One Session Treatment (BOST). It is an aerobic treatment that eliminates the periodontal disease without an invasive procedure in the deepest pocket and supporting the alveolar bone. This review article gives a new direction, importance and evaluation significant pathway to treat the periodontal disease by Bone One Session Treatment technique.

Keywords: Non-invasive; Aerobic microflora; Periodontitis; BOST; Periodontal therapy; immune response

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