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Inspirational Muscle Training with Linear Device in Post-Operative Myocardial Revascularization: Systematic Review

Nikola Trifunović*

Academician of the RAS Academy, Serbia

Corresponding Author

Received Date:August 18, 2021;  Published Date:September 07, 2021


Introduction: Human isborn, lives and dies in the Earth’s natural magnetic field (EMF), however the enormous intensities of EMF i.e. anomalous magnetic fields (AMF-s) produce pathological conditions when various diseases can occur. Cardiovascular diseases (CVD) are diseases of the heart and blood vessels. “The main cause of CVD in 95% of cases is atherosclerosis, and the symptoms appear when the process is in an advanced stage”.

Goal: The goal of this work is to prove that the etiopathogenesis of CVD occurs under the influence of enormous intensities of EMF, altered natural values, ie. AMF. To explain how AMFs act pathogenically causing diseases. To explain the development of atherosclerosis, arteriosclerosis, varicose veins and aneurysms, cardiomyopathy, and other diseases. To explain how and why diabetics, smokers and people with more iron in their blood are predisposed to CVD. Explain the official risk factors (high blood pressure, physical inactivity, smoking, alcohol, sugar, LDL cholesterol, obesity) that are a consequence of the presence of AMF and explain their role in the body. It is also necessary to explain the electrophysiological interpretation of the heart as a pump, because from physiology it is not clear and there are many ambiguities in the explanation of the heart, such as how the potential difference up to about 100 mV in the heart, then how the nervous system stimulates heart vagus brakes and sympathetic stimulates the heart). To explain the therapeutic possibilities of the stay of patients in natural EMF. To briefly explain the work of the immune system and the development of autoimmune diseases.

Methodology: In order to determine the connection between AMF and CVD, the intensity of EMF and AMF was measured in the beds of patients with a proton magnetometer with an accuracy of 100 nT (nano tesla) and the results are shown in the sketches. The influence of AMF on the organ of the patient was discovered and then it was removed outside the influence of AMF and the health condition was monitored. Then, CVD was studied from the scientific literature, which is 95% caused by atherosclerosis. Some unexplained physiological interpretations of heart function have been singled out. The risk factors that are not the root causes of CVD but a consequence of the present AMF are explained, and they influence the acceleration or slowing down of the pathological process.

Results: In order to achieve the right results, an objective assessment of the applicability of the used geophysical method was necessary. On that occasion, a synthesis of two groups of data was performed. By processing the first group of data, a correlation was established between the present AMF and the region of the body affected by CVD. The second group of data are theoretical explanations of the ambiguities found in the CVD literature from the aspect of knowledge of magnetic and electrical properties. Matching of practical measurement results and theoretical explanations of many ambiguities has been established. Atherosclerosis is a disease where fat and calcium are deposited in the wall of one part of the blood vessel, where the fibril cells of the blood vessels of increased division under the influence of AMF contributed to the formation of plaque that narrows the lumen of the blood vessel. An explanation of several physiological ambiguities is given among which arteriosclerosis and atherosclerosis are explained. Arteriosclerosis and aging of the organism occur due to the complete clogging with calcium and lipids of all blood vessels, which become smaller in volume and brittle (less elastic) and deliver less oxygen and food to cells which results in faster aging. Staying of patients in natural EMF leads to recovery of patients and slowing down of aging.

Conclusion: The root cause of cardiovascular diseases are abnormal magnetic fields from the external environment, which in 95% first allow atherosclerosis to occur and it enables heart and brain infarction, cardiomyopathy, aneurysms, and varicose veins and other diseases can also occur. The same location of the anomalous magnetic field from the outside environment and in the body of many diseases was determined by measurement. A clear proof of the measured increased values of AMF is the predisposition of people for the development of CVD in the body with increased irons content in the blood of patients because it is a consequence of the presence of AMF from the environment and iron is magnetic. All official factors of difference are a consequence of the main cause of CVD, which is AMF from the external environment in people’s living spaces. Risk factors are not the root causes of CVD but the consequence of the existence of AMF from the environment, and can only slow down the formation of CVD, when they are regulated and vice versa accelerate the development of CVD and only when staying in AMF from the environment The measured potentials in the heart up to 100 mV are caused by the difference of the electric potential between the left heart negatively charged arterial blood and the right heart in which the venous blood has a lower electric potential and this difference of electric potential is up to 100 mV when the chambers are full of blood. Stimulating currents in the heart are created in the brain, which stimulate the work of the heart with the vagus (inhibits the work of the heart) and the sympathetic nervous system (increases the work of the heart). This work explains the occurrence of atherosclerosis, the root cause of which is body viscous magnetization that occurred in an anomalous magnetic field from the external environment. Arteriosclerosis occurs, with the aging of the organism, the work of the immune system enables the difference in the magnetic forces of leukocyte cells and pathological agents. Occurrence of autoimmune diseases is a product of anomalous magnetic fields from the external environment that increase the magnetic properties of cells that are located in the anomalous magnetic field where autoimmune diseases occur. The greatest help to a patient with cardiovascular diseases is to stay in a natural EMF, which is an aid in treatment and prevention to prevent the disease.

Keywords:EMF; AMF; Atherosclerosis; CVD


Planet Earth acts as a magnetized sphere which is surrounded and penetrated by the Earth’s magnetic field. The components of the Earth, the lithosphere, hydrosphere and atmosphere, and thus the biosphere, are characterized by the existence of macro Earth’s magnetic fields (EMF). Humanis born, lives and dies in natural EMF. However, the enormous intensity-flux of EMF, which is AMF, which causes harmful consequences for the human body, i.e., they create pathological conditions when various diseases can occur, and biological and medical science has not recognized that. The work on the root cause of CVD was created after the research on the influence of AMF and variable magnetic fields (PMP) in the development and development of malignant diseases. When measuring these pathological fields in the apartments of patients with malignant diseases in the same premises, patients with CVD were also found. By measuring EMF in the living quarters of persons suffering from CVD, it was noticed that EMFs are of increased natural values and are called AMF, i.e., they are separated by spaces drawn in sketches and called Anomalous zones (Az) which create pathological conditions when the first body viscous magnetization (TVN) (that is, the concentration of paramagnetic and ferromagnetic substances in an organ or part of an organ) and then CVD occurs. A characteristic association between AMF and CVD was registered.

Earth’s Magnetic Field in Urban Areas

EMF is a natural field and it is superimposed on artificial magnetic fields of induced, remanent and electromagnetic magnetizations from objects that have magnetic properties in people’s living spaces. A great contribution to paramagnetic and ferromagnetic are the objects that electrify the living space. The total magnetic fields can be called AMP from the outside environment. AMP are the differences between the measured natural values in the living quarters of EMF people, i.e. space unpolluted by artificial magnets. AMF can be located in the northern and southern hemispheres of the earth in relation to the natural values of EMF. The results of magnetic measurements represent the sum - integral influence of all magnetic fields (caused by artificial magnetic bodies that are within reach of the measuring instrument) superimposed on EMF, which means that magnetic measurements of AMF are the result of vector addition of artificial magnets and natural EMF.

By applying the appropriate measurement technique, the registration of spatial changes of the EMF is performed, the areas with AMF are located. Spatial AMFs are those that occur in very small areas of the home and are caused by an irregular arrangement of additive magnetic objects (magnets). The size and shape of the AMP depends on the number, size and shape of the magnetic object and the intensity of the magnetic field depends on the distance of the MP measuring instrument. It is important to note that AMFs become stronger and stronger over time. During a long stay in the EMF, magnets create induced magnetization, the strength of which also depends on the time spent in the magnetizing fields and the intensity of the magnetizing field. It is also possible to increase the intensity of AMF objects by the action of alternating electromagnetic fields that are very present due to the electrification of living space. Reinforcement of AMF can be caused by mild blows that are constantly repeated, especially in beds made of magnets: iron sofas, two-seater sofas, couches, yoga mattresses with springs that have magnetic properties. AMF of enormous intensity as a pathogen creates body viscous magnetization (TVN) in the body. TVN occurs in an organ, a part of the organ of the human body after a long time spent in AMF. TVN is an etiological factor that is determined as a physical agent created in the body as a product of AMF from the external environment which with its magnetic forces concentrates paramagnetic and ferromagnetic substances (they are all electrophiles) in an organ or part of a human organ and is called TVN. TVNs stimulate cell division with their magnetic properties [6], for example, fibrillar vascular cells divide faster, forming plugs in the form of atherosclerosis.

Data from the Medical Literature on Cardiovascular Diseases

CVD is mainly an asymptomatic group of diseases because they do not draw attention to the presence of diseases in the body for a long time, so prevention should be the most important measure in disease control and reducing mortality and morbidity from these diseases. Therefore, it was most important to detect the presence of AMF in the space where the organ resides, a part of the human organ, in order toto determine the etiopathogenetic connections of AMF with this group of diseases. The causative agents of the created AMF were removed, and the patient was removed from those areas, and the health condition was monitored. This would be the first group of data. The second group of data served to explain the ambiguities found in the medical literature on CVD, from the aspect of knowing the intensity of AMF and natural EMF. In other words, the consent of the practical results of measurements in the living quarters of the patients was sought, i.e. coincidence of AMF and location of diseases in the body and explanations of ambiguities from the aspect of knowledge of magnetism. CVDs are the most common cause of death in industrialized countries. Many papers indicate that CVD is a typical disease of the twentieth century [8] the following diseases have been identified in the medical literature:

Coronary heart disease - a disease of the arteries that feed the heart muscle.

Cerebrovascular diseases - a disease of the blood vessels that supply the brain with blood.

Peripheral arterial disease - a disease of blood vessels that supplies blood to the upper and lower extremities (arms and legs).

Rheumatic heart disease - damage to the heart muscle and heart valves due to rheumatic fever caused by bacteria (Streptococcal bacteria).

Congenital heart disease - heart malformations present at birth (acquired or inherited birth defects).

Deep venous thrombosis (coagulation of blood in living blood vessels) and pulmonary thromboembolism (blockage of a blood vessel by a thrombus) - blood clots in the veins of the lower extremities that dislocate and reach the heart and lungs with blood flow

Two facts are characteristic, in parallel with the growth of the standard, the number of patients with these diseases is growing, then the growing number of patients is among young people, which was not the case before. All the consequences are increased AMF in the living space, and it is a real miracle why there are no more patients with CVD and other diseases, considering how much the living space is polluted by AMF. It is noted that a large movement of people prevents disease.

The medical literature states that at the current stage of development of medical science, the root cause of the emergence and development of this larger group of diseases is largely unknown, so new breakthroughs in scientific research are being sought in order to discover osteopathological ambiguities. Today, there are no reliable predictors of CVD, but research, experience and practice of medical science reduce all causes to the existence of risk factors such as: unhealthy nutrition, physical inactivity, smoking and harmful alcohol use. In individuals, these risk factors can be presented as: high blood pressure (hypertension) high blood sugar (lat. Diabetes mellitus) high blood fat (hyperlipidemia) and obesity (lat. Obesitas) The presence of these risk factors in a person increases the risk for the development of heart attack, stroke, heart failure and other complications. The cause of CVD, such as urbanization and population aging, has also been identified. The influence of the hereditary factor is inevitably mentioned.

According to today’s understandings of medical science, CVDs are of multifactorial etiology and genesis.

In this work, in the chapter «Anomalous increment of the magnetic field and CVD», explanations are given in detail about the risk factors, how and how important it is in the development of CVD. This work aims to show that the main root cause of CVD is AMF from the environment, which does not exist as a risk factor in medical science. AMF is the main root cause of almost all CVD. As it is known that the cause of CVD in 95% of cases is atherosclerosis [5] it will first be explained how it occurs in the arteries, then it will be explained how aging accelerates the disease in the chapter «The role of telomere and natural atherosclerosis in aging».


«The main root cause of CVD in 95% of cases is atherosclerosis and symptoms occur when the process is in an advanced stage.» «Almost half of the people in the United States and Europe die from atherosclerosis. «Cardiovascular diseases are the leading cause of premature death in Serbia» [10,14]. It should be noted that the arterial pressure also depends on the magnetic field from the external environment, because the high intensity of AMF in the environment raises the density of the blood and the arterial pressure automatically increases, which is a burden on the heart, especially in the elderly. The mechanism of atherosclerosis is not fully known. The origin, progression and general meaning of the process of atherosclerosis are still occupied by scientists, because we still do not know everything about this plague.

However, there are many theories. Atherosclerosis is a process in the inner part of arterial cells, which occurs when fats, cholesterol, calcium and particles of cellular elements accumulate (all paramagnetic) in the arterial intima, and form solid structures called plaques, which enabled BVM to create AMF from external environment. This is how coagulation of large and middle arteries form in the arterial blood vessel.

The quoted indicates the need for a clearer presentation of the root cause of atherosclerosis, which has not been clarified to date. Many mechanisms of healthy and diseased coronary circulation have not been explained, and these ambiguities, with the knowledge of other scientific disciplines, will be clarified, especially with the help of magnetic properties (MP).

Literature of the cause of atherosclerosis, «High concentration of cholesterol in plasma in the form of low-density lipoprotein (LDL) is the most important factor in the development of atherosclerosis» [1,3]. LDL lipoproteins and high-density HDL are paramagnetic, and the official literature has characterized LDL as the main root cause. It will be explained how it was concluded that LDL is the most important factor in the development of atherosclerosis. «Atherosclerosis is a disease of the large and middle arteries» [6]. It must be remembered how the blood moves through the mentioned arteries, that blood conductivity is the flow of blood through a blood vessel for a given pressure difference. Very small changes in the diameter of the vessel change the conductivity miraculously! Small changes in the diameter of the blood vessel cause large changes in the ability of the blood to conduct during laminar flow... The conductivity of the vessel increases with the fourth degree of diameter” [6]. By increasing the diameter of the vessel, the flow increases with the diameter to the fourth degree (r to 4) and the MP cells that build the layered blood vessel have a collective micro magnetization that decreases with the radius to the fourth degree. To put it more clearly, with the fourth degree of distance from the walls of the blood vessel, the influence of the MoD on the blood weakens very quickly. When we understand this, it is easy to clarify the «miraculous conductivity» as well as the laminal movement of blood through the blood vessel. MP in the microworld are of quantum sizes (elementary magnetic particles are quantummagneton) and that is why blood movement is laminar because the number of elementary magnetic particles with distance from the source (arterial blood vessel cells) is getting smaller, i.e. decreases from r to 4. As the maximum speed of blood movement in the central part of the blood vessel, the law of inertia does not allow higher density cholesterol to stay closer to the blood vessel wall, while light cholesterol can be slowed down by magnetic (M) forces and even accumulate in the strongest M force. It is a product of AMF, which was first formed by BVM, and it was created in the intimacy of a blood vessel. Accumulation of LDL and calcium (pronounced paramagnetic) indicates that magnetic forces are the only root cause of atheromatous plaque formation. This is the process of coagulation of the large and middle arteries, that the first BVM is formed, which enables the repeated creation of the present AMF from the external environment, which is the main pathological field that concentrates plaque substances with the help of BVM. Atherosclerotic plaque received MF from BVM, which stimulates fibrils (muscles), which are blood vessel cells with increased division [], followed by a reduced volume of arteries and possibly coagulation of the arterial blood vessel.

It should be reminded that the promoter of the division of the mother cell is EMF [12] and here BVM is formed stronger than EMF and fibril cells divide faster and more often and can reduce the volume of blood vessels and make a plug of the same. This is a clear explanation of how atherosclerosis develops.

«Much less is known about the function of high-density lipoprotein (HDL) [6] than about the function of low-density lipoprotein (LDL)» [1]. It is believed that high-density lipoproteins (because they have stronger paramagnetic properties) can actually absorb cholesterol crystals (paramagnetic), «which begin to be deposited in the walls of arteries» [1]. The explanation is as follows: As HDL is higher density, i.e. larger masses and even has a stronger MP and moves according to the law of inertia in the middle of the laminar movement of blood, so with its M attractive forces it absorbs cholesterol crystals which the blood current carries from the place of possible atherosclerosis and thus helps protect arterial diseases. The presence of AMF accelerates all this, and atherosclerosis of the pathological type occurs, when they can be life-threatening.

It should be repeated that the present AMF and PMF from the external environment are the root cause of cancer [4] and AMF itself enables the development of CVD [5] which is the largest root cause of illness and death in the world and in Serbia [10,14]. It is interesting to emphasize that in Serbia, close to 4,300 people die of CVD in a month (about 144 a day). It is known that 130 people died from COVID-19 in the fall of 2020. In comparison, in 2 months from KVB 8600 to 130 from the COVID-19. It is not wrong to repeat that the number 8600 is alarming, but no one reacts, it is just repeated that the risk factors and age are to blame. Scientific papers on this paradox have been written for more than 30 years, and it is the author’s struggle for human lives [24] and the competent ones are silent. Removing AMP from living spaces is generally easy, which would drastically reduce morbidity and mortality from CVD and malignancies, as well as from COVID-19 [23]. That is why help is sought from the competent in the elimination of AMP from the living space. The second wave of COVID-19 [23] was bigger than the first wave in Serbia, but in relation to the environment with the least number of patients, the author believes that this is the merit of 30 years of fighting for people’s lives and against CVD and cancer [5,4] about which there are published works which include mental diseases [7,9] as well as diabetes [15] and autoimmune diseases [11] for all diseases are the root cause of AMF from the external environment. Initially, the media that published the author’s works were included until the «competent» banned writing in the daily press and TV shows. There is a work by the author called «30 years of struggle for people’s lives» [24] where everything is described in detail and can be found on the website Nikola Trifunović.info. There is an interesting event from Rome where a scientific work on health was presented and it aroused great interest where the authors were invited to be guests of Radio Rome and the Association of Journalists of the World for lunch. An RTS journalist from Belgrade wanted to make a report on a scientific work on health and asked one of the RTS executives if he would make a report, but from Belgrade they asked who these people were, and when they heard about the author’s name, the answer was probably not to do any reporting.

It should be noted that at the beginning of the research works, the media spread information to the public in Serbia on how to fight AMF and there were many measurements in apartments, as well as a large number of lectures. From the Clinical Center of Serbia, and others independently about KVB because the author wants this presentation to be heard as much as possible, and to understand that this is the author’s fight for people’s lives. With the information that the results of the relocation of people to live in the natural EMF so far are very good and there are many of them, and about 15 are known who have lived over 90 years, and there are some that the author follows. It is important to note that of the large number of people deployed to sleep in the natural EMF, only three became ill from COVID-19 and recovered quickly. The first is a car mechanic and he worked all day in a workshop where the AMFs are high, and he was very easily infected with COVID-19 because many visitors came to the workshop. The other two who got COVID-19 had a high body weight (fat). The first got infected at “Slava” event where there was a larger gathering and the second in working with students at the University.

Measurement Result

Magnetic fields (MF) can dominate individually, and the overall resulting intensity of the total MF is measured. The instrument used to measure the intensity of the MF is a proton magnetometer adapted to work in an urban environment, with an accuracy of 100 nanotesla (nT). A Brunton geological compass with an angular accuracy of one degree was also used. The measuring points were per square grid at a distance of about 10 cm point from point. On some surfaces where increases in MF were registered, the measurement density was also 5 cm point by point.

The interpretation of the results of magnetic tests is based on the fact that AMFs have the property of additivity in the urban environment. The numerical values of AMF were interpreted by interpolation on single beds used by CVD patients. The obtained results are presented graphically in the form of sketches of isoanomales (lines with the same values of AMF - Az are surfaces separated by hatching), increments of enormous intensities of MF, are presented in the sketches. The readings on the instrument and the values of the isoanomals shown in the sketches are given in microtesla (μT). The surfaces characterized by isoanomales are anomalous zones (Az). Az belongs to the part of the bed that is used for day and night rest.

The main goal of these measurements is to determine Az. Based on the Az-CVD correlation, the existence of a cause-and-effect relationship is concluded. The following text shows the results in the order of measurements on the beds. This paper presents the state of AMF in patients with CVD (myocardial infarction, stroke, constriction of the inguinal and femoral l arteries, varicose veins, two patients with cardiomyopathy, etc.). Sketches are shown on the following pages.

Sketch 1

The results of measurements on a single-bed H.M. Based on the configuration of the increment of the iso field of the M field, it can be concluded that the examined space of the single bed is undisturbed on a larger surface, which can be seen from the presence of the isoanoma «0» in the sketch. A pronounced Az (above 8 μT) was found in the area belonging to the mid-region. Myocardial infarction was diagnosed by this person. In this example, the correlation between the pathological condition of the patient and the pronounced AMF is obvious. The intervention was the removal of the causative agent of Az, so the patient uses the space for night and day rest where there is no Az, i.e. in the natural EMF.

Sketch 2

Shows the isoanomals of the M field increments in the bed of T.R. The entire space of the single bed is affected by a general increase in the intensity of the M field. The characteristic Az (above 10 μT) is in the part of the bed that belongs to the head region of this bed. Atherosclerosis of the arterioles in the brain was determined, which caused cerebrovascular disease with the appearance of a stroke - «stroke». The example shown indicates that the cause of the «stroke» was just discovered by Az. It was suggested to move the beds and things that were the source of Az. The bed is relocated to the room space where the natural intensity is EMF. It should be emphasized that T.R. he returned to normal work very quickly and has been living as a healthy man for twenty years, today he is 84 years old. It is interesting to note that the measurements were performed due to the health problems of his wife R.T. Based on the measurements of the matrimonial bed, the author of this work warned his wife to completely relocate the matrimonial bed due to a possible serious illness of the husband’s head, but this was not done until the husband’s «stroke» occurred.

Sketch 3

This sketch shows the situation of the M field on a single bed S.S. Az (above 8 μT) was determined on the central part of the single bed, which covers the groin region of the right leg of the bed user. I code S.S. caused atherosclerosis of the iliac artery in the groin of the right leg. The correlation between Az and the location of pathological changes is obvious. It should be noted; the measurement of this single bed was performed due to the wife of S.S. who suffered from a malignant disease of the cervix. Due to this disease, it was suggested to relocate the bed used by the wife. However, S.S. ignores the measurement results and insists that his wife uses his bed and he will use hers, what they have done. After seven months of using the wife’s bed with a pronounced Az in S.S. there was gangrene on the right leg, and at the cardiovascular clinic in Belgrade, atherosclerosis was found on the iliac artery in the groin the right leg. It is interesting explain the following: the cause of AMF was a washing machine in the bathroom and the bed was located on the other side of the bathroom wall, which can be seen in the sketch. When the wife slept in bed, the machine was turned on at night when electricity was cheaper and the wife contracted a malignant disease of the cervix where AMF was registered and when the machine was operated by variable magnetic fields (VMF), and therefore contracted the malignant disease. When the husband started using the bed, the wife did not turn on the machine at night, but only during the day, so that the husband contracted atherosclerosis of the iliac artery in the groin from AMF, which is the cause of CVD.

Sketch 4

Az (above 12 μT) was determined in the space where the head of the user of this single bed who suffered a stroke with tragic consequences is. The full correlation between Az location and BK disease was confirmed. Seven months before the stroke of the bed user from the sketch, the author of this paper performed measurements of single beds of a married couple due to high pressure and poor health of his wife. The arrangement of both beds was performed so that the isoanoma «0» was on the entire surface of the bed of the married couple. After being warned not to move the beds from the set place, the husband, for an unknown reason, returns the bed by 70 cm to the space with a pronounced Az, so during the night and day rest, the head entered the Az. After seven months, the husband got a severe form of stroke, which ends tragically in the hospital. It is noted that the wife used her bed (without Az) and lived to be 86 years old. and died of Fe deficiency. Iron deficiency is caused by living in a high AMF in the kitchen. During the day in the AMF, erythrocyte destruction occurs, which was proven in an experiment in a psychiatric hospital, the results of which are presented at the end of this paper.

Sketch 5

This single bed belongs to B.K. in whom atherosclerosis of the femoral artery and the beginning of gangrene in the leg have been established. Another Az (above 12 μT) was also detected in the upper right part of the bed, and is located outside the body of the bed user. The bed was relocated to a new space without AMF. After a couple of months B.K. healed, i.e. more than 20 years have passed since the removaland there was no recurrence.

Sketch 6

The results on a single bed I.O. The bed space is affected by a very high M field. The characteristic Az (above 12 μT) belongs to the head region of the user of the bed. The whole head and neck are in a distinct Az. The user suffered from severe atherosclerosis of the cerebral arteries and experienced a «stroke.» The correlation between Az and the location of the disease is obvious. There is also an Az on the lower right edge of the bed but it does not cover the user’s body. lived to be 86 years old. and died of Fe deficiency. Iron deficiency is caused by living in a high AMF in the kitchen. During the day in the AMF, erythrocyte destruction occurs, which was proven in an experiment in a psychiatric hospital, the results of which are presented at the end of this paper.

Sketches 7,8,9

They show the results of measurements on two single beds used by T.D. at different times. Namely, the author of this workhas a year before warned T.D. that it is necessary to arrange the beds and things in the house and around the house, in order for the residents to use the beds without AMP. However, due to a lack of understanding, this was not done. T.D. got sick, i.e. she had a stroke and had long had problems with varicose veins in her legs. Figure 7 shows the state of the M field on a bed used by T.D. Two Az (above 12 μT) were registered. The first Az belongs to the head region of the user of the bed, and the second Az covers the user’s legs. The full coincidence of Az

Sketches 7,8,9

They show the results of measurements on two single beds used by T.D. at different times. Namely, the author of this workhas a year before warned T.D. that it is necessary to arrange the beds and things in the house and around the house, in order for the residents to use the beds without AMP. However, due to a lack of understanding, this was not done. T.D. got sick, i.e. she had a stroke and had long had problems with varicose veins in her legs. Figure 7 shows the state of the M field on a bed used by T.D. Two Az (above 12 μT) were registered. The first Az belongs to the head region of the user of the bed, and the second Az covers the user’s legs. The full coincidence of Az and the resulting diseases was confirmed. After trying to be treated in the hospital, the patient returned to her house with a doctor’s statement that it was impossible to relieve the patient’s arterial pressure with any therapy and that the disease had taken hold, and that it was best to end her life at home, which the family accepted. The patient’s husband requests from the author of this work to place her bed, which was done and the bed was placed in a space without AMF. Sketch 8 shows the condition of the M field in the bed that the patient begins to use. The presence of the isoanomale «0» shows that the bed is without Az, with the remark that in the lower right corner there is a part of Az (above 8 μT) which is superficially and locationally negligible.

After the first night’s sleep in a «healthy bed» (natural EMF), the arterial pressure drops sharply, the author of this work suggests an urgent call to the doctor who treated the patient, who comes and is surprised by this drop in pressure and adjusts the therapy to the patient’s new condition. According to the story of the housekeeper T.D. In an unconscious state, she turned twice at night to enter the Az with her head (above 8 μT), sketch 8. This behavior of the patient clearly indicates that there is a BVM in the patient’s head that attracts her to place her head in the Az.

After a few months T.D. she fully recovered and returned to her daily affairs. In addition to the explicit advice of the authors of this work that T.D. must not use a bed other than the one whose M-field condition is presented in sketch 8, she passes after two years with the explanation that she recovered in a bed whose M-field condition is shown in sketch 7, with her head and legs changing places, so now the state of magnetic fields relative to the body shown in sketch 9. Namely, the diseased head is in a relatively healthy space, however, the user’s heart enters a pronounced Az (above 12 μT) which covers the entire chest. After six months of sleep in Az shown in sketch 9, the user died during the night, due to a myocardial infarction. This example is clear evidence that the causative agents of Az disease and also suggests a limited benefit in the therapy, the patient in the treatment of the disease.




Sketches 10 and 11

The measurement results from these sketches represent the state of the magnetic field of the matrimonial bed of spouses Z. and N.A. A year before his wife became ill, the author of this paper measured the condition of the M field and demanded the relocation of the double bed to a new location, where there is no AZ, however, the wife refused for new reasons for aesthetic reasons. The wife has a pronounced Az in the upper part of the bed and covers her head with a maximum above 15 μT.

A lower Az above 12 μ T was also found covering the abdomen of the bed user from sketch 10. On the other half of this bed, used by the husband, a pronounced Az above 18 μT was registered in the chest area as shown in sketch 11. The wife first became ill, she suffered a stroke from cerebrovascular disease. After trying to be treated in the hospital, the wife died. The husband continues to use his bed even after the death of his wife. After a year, he got a myocardial infarction in the morning and died quickly. The incident of the husband on the anniversary of his wife’s death is interesting. He sends greetings to the author of this paper to reject the AMP measurements because he is still sleeping in the same bed and is completely healthy. After a month, he ends his life in the hospital with a severe heart attack. This time, too, the causal connection Az - the resulting disease is confirmed.

Sketch 12

The space of this bed is covered by a pronounced AMF. Az located on the head mid-chest and abdomen, which produced a pathological condition when various diseases occurred. The resulting diseases are cataracts, abnormal thyroid function (tumor detected), severe angina pectoris and diabetes mellitus. The author of this paper persistently tried to make the bed of M.T. into a space without Az, which he eventually succeeded with the help of a cardiologist. After a certain period of sleep without Az, the medical examinations determined that the patient’s health condition improved. Namely, the cataract improved, the visual field expanded (based on computer measurements), anginal attacks stopped, and sugar normalized, and the tumor shrank to about 1 mm. The author of this work asked a specialist Ophthalmologist how he interprets the reduction of congestion of the fundus and the expansion of the visual field of this patient. The answer was “in my practice it has happened to me about a hundred patients to come up with this kind of improvement one, and if I knew why it was happening, I would win the Nobel Prize.» The patient lived after relocation for 15 years. She ended her life at the age of 86 with a sleep error because she came to her second apartment where she spent most of her life and there on the first night, she got a myocardial infarction and died.

Drawings with Measurement Result

Sketch 13a, 13b

The measurement results in sketches 13 are very interesting because the author warned Mr. M.P. professor of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering in Belgrade not to sleep in bed next to the supporting pillar, but the gentleman first listened to the Doctor of Medical Sciences who said that the author was exaggerating with his AMF measurements. By measuring, the author determined that the bed from sketch 13a was placed next to the supporting reinforced pillar and that if one sleeps next to it, one must get a myocardial infarction, and only the author did not specify the time for which he will get the disease because he did not know. Mr. M.P. obeyed the Doctor of Medicine and layed in that bed, and after five months of using that bed he got a myocardial infarction, but with the help of medicines and doctors obtained in the hospital he recovered his health condition. When he came home, he called the author, apologized for not listening to him, and asked for the right placement, and then the bed was placed in a space without AMF. The author showed that pronounced AMFs were located in the heart space when using the bed and now he begins to sleep in a bed without AMF and fully recovers and used that bed until retirement (about 9 years). When he retired, he often stayed in a cottage near Belgrade. The author suggested to the daughter of Mr. MP that measurements should be made in the cottage because the author’s many years of experience indicate that Mr. M.P. in the cottage, he immediately lies in a space where his heart will be endangered. We went to the weekend house and the statement was correct. The bed was set up as the author had assumed. The arrangement was made, and the bed was placed in a natural EMF. After 18 months, Mr. M.P. suffered a stroke and an ambulance took him to a hospital in Belgrade, where he ended his life in a few days. The author suggested to his daughter to go to a weekend house because he knew that he could not get a stroke in a natural EMF. We went and stated that he had made the bed so that his head had entered the AMF and that is why he had a stroke. The daughter of Mr. M.P. she was very surprised at how accurate the author was and that he guessed all the assumptions about how it would be the author’s many years of experience following what patients are doing. Measurements were performed and in sketch 13 b there is a clear correlation between the AMF and the head of the bed’s user.

On this occasion, an explanation should be given why the bed was placed 70 cm away from the vertical wall and the head was in a natural EMF and not in the joint of the vertical wall and the horizontal reinforced slab, because that joint usually has reinforcement, as the measurement showed. That position of the bed did not aesthetically suit the user and brought him back to the vertical wall and his head went into the AMP and he got a stroke which turned out to be true. Usually, the most common question that is very logical is how come there are no more diseases considering how many metal furniture there is in houses, hospitals, then metal chairs and tables in offices, schools, etc. And why there are no more diseases, because people move and there is blood in the body, which is a magnetically rheological fluid, which changes in a matter of seconds, and usually people get sick at night during sleep.

Sketch 14

This bed belongs to O.M. Professor of Electronics at the Department of Geophysics, Faculty of Mining and Geology in Belgrade. The author suggested urgent measurement of magnetic fields in his apartment because the workplace in the electronic laboratory is very endangered by AMF and the author, listening to the work of the heart, assumed that the heart was in a preinfarction state, but Mr. O.M. refused any measurement. One day in the city, a chance meeting of the author and his wife took place in the center of Belgrade with O.M. The author acted very aggressively to immediately invite him to perform AMF measurements in his apartment. The receptionist takes the author’s phone and promises to call him in the first week. However, after a few days, he suffered a myocardial infarction and died. After the funeral, the author goes to the house of O.M. and perform measurements in bed and these results are shown in sketch 14 where the correlation relationship between the anomalous zone and the heart in bed is completely clear.

Sketch 15

The bed belongs to R.K. The author was in the apartment due to the illness of his wife who was operating on a malignant disease of the genitals and along the way the author looked at the location of Mr. R.K. who is clearly equipped for a myocardial infarction and warned him to urgently relocate the bed to a natural EMF, which he refused on the grounds that he was completely healthy and that he lacked nothing. After some time in the morning, he had a heart attack and ended his life. The wife is still alive today and is about 84 years old, and more than 20 years have passed since the relocation.

Sketches with Measurement Result

Sketch 16

The bed belongs to Mr. T.D. who suffered from severe cardiomyopathy and received instructions from three Clinics (Raska, Novi Pazar, Kraljevo) to go to Belgrade for surgery. He came to the Clinic in Dedinje for the heart, where he was admitted and examined. They take the position that his situation is not for surgery, but only for treatment with pills, and then a heart transplant. Due to age, that is not possible either. The gentleman comes to the author and asks for measurements in his house of magnetic fields. The author accepts this, and AMF measurements are performed and spaces with AMF in the bed where the heart is located at night are discovered. It is clear that AMF forces a great effort on the heart muscles and that is why they failed, and cardiomyopathy has developed. The author follows the patient and the examinations at the cardio clinic in Belgrade confirmed his recovery and this has been going on for 5 years. Doctors from the Clinic think that the drugs help him, they are a little surprised by the good results.

Here we need to explain how cardiomyopathy occurs, i.e., weakening of the heart muscle. A person’s life takes place in work during the day and at night when sleeping, when life functions are reduced to a minimum and energy consumption is very small, but when a person sleeps at night in AMF, the work of urine is increased because pressure with its magnetic forces (blood density in AMF is higher) forces the work of the heart to expend more energy and the heart muscle works both day and night intensified and this leads to a weakening of the work of the heart muscle, i.e. Cardiomyopathy develops and the only cure is heart transplantation.

Sketch 17

The bed from the sketch belongs to Dj.R. who has suffered from severe cardiomyopathy and is being treated by doctors from the Military Medical Academy in Belgrade. Then the patient comes to the authors of this paper and asks for AMF measurements in his house, which is done immediately, and he started sleeping in a natural EMF. AMF made him a water heater from the bathroom that was located under the bedroom. The AMFs from the water heaters were located just below the heart, and that lasted for two years, and the workplace was surrounded by refrigerators and freezers, and he spent most of his life in AMFs, day and night, and developed severe cardiomyopathy. Doctors informed the family that he could be saved just with a heart transplant, which was impossible to accomplish. The things were immediately arranged and the bed in the house was placed in a natural EMF. He soon recovered and did all the housework and extracurricular activities. After 8 years, he went to Belgrade for a check-up, the doctor who was treating him jumped up from his chair and told him if it was possible that you were still alive, what you were doing during the treatment. He said that he was taking the medication he received and that he was using his stay in a natural EMF during the day and night. The doctor ignored the other part of the information.

After 10 years, the house was renovated, they expanded the living space without the knowledge of the author. As it was done, based on the story of the relatives, the sleeping place of the patient was changed and after 10 years, he became ill with a diagnosis of malignant bone marrow disease, and was treated with chemotherapy at the Clinical Center in Kraljevo. The author, with the help of his relatives, tried to reach the patient and measure the new place of residence, but he did not succeed. After 12 years, the patient ended his life with a diagnosis of malignant bone marrow disease. Based on the stories, the doctors wondered how he survived the chemotherapy, considering the primary disease, cardiomyopathy It is noted that due to the objections of the wife with the author, there was no re-measurement of AMF and the only cause of malignant disease are only AMF and variable AMF [1,9,16,17].

Sketch 18

Single bed T.J. at age 66, he suffered a severe myocardial infarction. The AMF intensity was then measured. The correlation between AMF and the location of the disease is clear, as can be seen in the sketch. The bed and things in the house were moved and he started sleeping in a natural EMF. A dining and work table was also set up and the patient was set to watch television from the natural EMF. It is interesting that the wife, prof. biology, did not understand why the transfer was taking place and remained sleeping in bed with AMF. After two years, she fell ill and invited the author, who also arranged for her to sleep in a natural EMF. Along the way, the author gave advice on how to use the kitchen. So she stayed to work and live in a natural EMF and lived for more than 90 years. Mr. T.J. fell into the street at the age of 90 and broke his leg and ended his life in the hospital very quickly, which the author predicted would happen, because hospital beds are with high AMF, which greatly shortens life. This is confirmed by an experiment in the Psychiatric Hospital.

Sketch 19

Bed S.S. is interesting because it is deployed in natural EMF, before carotid artery disease and after malignant brain disease, and has fully recovered from brain cancer in natural EMF. After a few years, he fainted in the morning and had a headache, and doctors discovered a blockage of the carotid arteries in his neck. Mr. S.S. calls the author and told what happened. The author was surprised and said he had done something wrong in his bed that the author did not know. Bed measurements must be repeated because carotid rotation cannot occur without AMF. The author promises that he will come very soon to perform new measurements in the bed where the neck part of the body is sleeping. The owner of the bed says that if the author saves him carotid surgery, he will honor the author. The author took measurements and discovered a pronounced AMF in the door space in the couch in which metal scissors and springs were removed. The couch was opened, and metal hinges were discovered just below the door, and they were fastened with 4 nails on one side and 5 nails on the other side. The nails were immediately removed, and the hinge was removed and a wide 5 cm wide strap was placed, which was glued with Bison glue. More than 15 years have passed since then and Mr. S.S. is healthy and is 84 years old. Natural EMF probably dilated the carotid arteries. It should be explained how the hinge was not detected in the first measurement because it needs to be learned, the master installed a new hinge and nails and they stood in the couch for three years and got increased magnetization, because they are made of metal, natural EMF. Therefore, in the first measurement, the author did not detect magnetization because magnetization requires time in relative peace. That was the reason for the change in the intensity of MO hinges and nails in the bed.

Sketch 20

Mr. D.N. Doctor of Medicine (gynecology specialist). He got a job in Belgrade at the age of 55, and his wife was elected president of the Serbian Pharmaceutical Society, and at the same time they moved to Belgrade to live and work. They built a weekend house in Bar, Montenegro. They spent most of their working life in Raska and lived in a natural environment, and they used wooden beds with woolen mattresses. Their health was good. Arriving in Belgrade, they bought new furniture, two-seater, three-seater, yoga mattresses with a metal core, all with high AMF and health problems arised very quickly. At the age of about 60, they retired and spend most of their time from spring to autumn in Bar at the seacoast, where they spend most of their time outside the house, which was healthier than the Belgrade house. The wife got a heart attack (sketch 20 a) at sea because she spent more time in the kitchen and in the bed (which was made of metal). The doctor spent his free time in a big movement outside the house and that is very important because if you spend time at home and in sleep at high AMF, the disease will develop faster. The author performed AMF measurements in Bar and Belgrade. The wife immediately arranged furniture and started using natural EMF, and the doctor ignored the author’s findings. The wife fully recovered and lived 94 years. Cause of death unknown. The author believes that the ankles on her legs failed because she had difficulty with moving, and the AMFs in the kitchen were very high. She had a hobby of preparing food and spent a lot of time in the kitchen and with a big mistake she smoked and all that shortened her life. According to the author, it was normal for her to live up to 100 years. Mr. D.N. he slept in a metal bed in Belgrade and got an aneurysm in his stomach because the maximum AMF was right on his stomach as seen in sketch 20. It must be noted that he retired at the age of 65 and spent most of his life in a weekend house in Bar and until the age of 80, and then he slept in a metal bed in Belgrade, not listening to the author to throw out that bed and not use it. At age 83, an aneurysm broke at night and he died. According to the author, if he had listened, he should have lived for about 100 years.

Here we need to explain how varicose veins and aneurysms in arteries occur. It is known that blood has magnetic properties because it contains paramagnetic and ferromagnetic substances (calcium, sodium, oxygen, divalent iron, etc.) and the blood of a blood vessel located, when staying in the AMF from the outside environment, gets enhanced magnetic properties and slows down blood flow vessels and gets a higher density and puts pressure on blood vessels, and so the blood vessels dilate venous and arterial and there are dilated veins and aneurysms which can burst and hemorrhage occurs in arterial aneurysms and life is endangered.

The presented examples of patients with CVD suggest the only possible conclusion that the root cause of the occurrence and development of CVD is the increased AMF that patients used for day and night rest. In his documentation, the author of this paper has a huge number of examples of measured M fields in the beds of CVD patients, and in all cases a full correlation was found between Az and the resulting disease. The author considers the presentation of a large number of examples unnecessary, because after 30 years of measuring the M field in people’s living spaces, he concluded that there is no CVD without Az. It was determined on more than 1000 patients and the same was confirmed by an experiment performed in a psychiatric hospital on 40 schizophrenic patients. Which is shown in the following text.

An Experiment in a Psychiatric Hospital

In order to show the influence of AMF on people, an experiment was performed with schizophrenic patients in the Psychiatric Hospital. One room with 10 beds was arranged so that everywhere there was a natural EMF (ecological room) without AMF. Every month, ten patients slept and spent time in a natural EMF. Before entering the ecological room, complete laboratory blood tests were performed, and after a month of staying in the ecological room, laboratory blood tests were performed again. A total of 40 patients went through the ecological room in 4 months and by simply collecting all individual analyzes separately in the ecological room and especially in the room with AMF and comparing the summary laboratory analyzes and the results were as follows: Blood calcium was four times higher in AMF, and in an ecological room, calcium was four times less in the blood, which indicates that there is no atherosclerosis in an ecological room and the aging of the organism is slowed down. The isoenzyme (S-CK creatinine kinase) of the heart muscle is 4.5 times higher in AMF and is a diagnostic indicator of heart attack, it is clear why atherosclerosis is most common in AMP, also the same isoenzyme is moderately increased in acute psychotic attacks in AMP and here the mentally ill are treated, the conclusion is bad. The serum (S-LDH) is increased 3.7 times in lactate dehydrogenase isoenzyme AMF and is an indicator of testicular stem cell cancer indicating that it is the cause of AMF cancer. Bilirubin in AMF is 3.4 times higher in the blood, which destroys erythrocytes when anemia develops, which indicates that AMP is the cause of anemia. Potassium in the blood is 3.7 times higher in AMF, which is the root cause of arrhythmias, which is usually an indicator of a pre-infarction condition. Other laboratory results are similar. The conclusion is that all patients with all diseases should be treated exclusively in natural EMF, and then the mortality of patients will be drastically reduced. It should be noted that the experts who followed the results of the experiment did not notice anything during the data processing and as you can see the results are very good and instructive.

The previous conclusion also applies to the action of viral corona in the body where AMF and VMF are present. These results of the experiment of laboratory findings of blood from the hospital with mentally ill people will be compared with the laboratory results of patients with coronavirus who are being treated in AMF. Some results of analyzes of patients with the virus based on media information are very similar, such as anemia in all, leukocytes are reduced, cardiac arrhythmia exists. Information was given through the media that men are more vulnerable than women to the disease, which indicates that AMF is the main root cause of COVID-19, because women are in the productive phase of life with an increased temperature, which reduces the MP BVM and that is protection against COVID-19. Remark: the result of laboratory analyzes of blood of patients with coronavirus could not be obtained, because the officials said that they did not have these results or did not give them.

It is known that the cells of the immune system are leukocytes in elderly patients, a much smaller number and weak MP, which reduces the ability to survive in patients with coronavirus. In younger patients, the number of leukocytes is higher, and the MPs are stronger as already mentioned and the body’s defense is better because the M forces of leukocytes can prevent the progression of the disease and therefore younger people, as they say, get less sick. Recently, however, coronavirus disease has been increasingly attacking young people through the media, and this is a clear cause that was shown when explaining why more and more young people are suffering from CVD, which is shown and explained in the paper, 30 years of struggle for human lives “[12]. The same explanation applies to coronavirus. It should be emphasized here that people, out of ignorance, make a lot of mistakes in relation to AMF from the external environment, which should not be ignored but removed because they accelerate all pathological events in the patient. With this work, the authorities are asked to remove the artificial AMF, and the success in the treatment of the current disease will be far greater. It has been heard from the public media that the corona virus most often attacks the erythrocyte in the lungs, that is. Hemoglobin and O2 transfer to the cell is reduced, and natural respiration cannot provide O2 cells, so O2 is artificially delivered to the cells, but the most important thing is to remove the present AMF because they are always an obstacle to the functioning of the organism, therefore, it is necessary to treat patients in natural EMF.

For everything shown, the author shows a willingness to personally help in the work of anyone who wants to hear because this is a new approach to human health for biology and medicine. It is repeated that CVD, malignant diseases, and diabetes [11] end many human lives in the world and in Serbia. It has already been said that in Serbia, 52,000 people die from CVD in a year, and about 4,300 people die in a month, and it is all the fault of the AMF, and not the risk factors that are only a consequence of the AMF present from the outside environment. The author wants to inform you that he has been invited from all over the world to send his scientific papers to publish them in their scientific journals without his financial participation. He was invited to give lectures, to be a reviewer of scientific papers, and to chair conferences, which the author refuses because he does not know English, and he wants all these scientific discoveries to be available to the whole world and the country of Serbia for 30 years. Authorities due to their misunderstanding of the MP and insufficient knowledge of pathological factors are silent. We repeat all this in detail in the paper «30 years of struggle for people’s lives» [12].

This work is provoked by ignorance of biological-medical science. That is why the author begs you not to act according to the law of inertia, which forces you to learn through schooling. In your brain, everything is memorized with 100 microvolts [18] and new information is remembered with 1 to 3 microvolts [18] in the brain, so turn on the logic. You are able to show all the people of the world that AMF and VMF should be eliminated from the living space, and then it is easy to cure any disease caused by AMF and the coronavirus.

In the following text, the author will explain how the Coronavirus originated and how it works when it enters a host cell. The most important thing is to know what is happening in the biosphere in which EMF rules, everything is magnetized. Viruses originate in EMF by magnetic code sequences that have magnetic properties. The substances that make up the virus are created by a magnetic code thanks to the temperature that prevails in the environment where the viruses are formed. The structure of the virus is as follows, it has a membrane on the surface with spikes whose tip is composed of glycoproteins that are paramagnetic and the inside of the virus is made of capsules that envelop ribonucleic acid (RNA) which is built of paramagnetic sequences by magnetic code during virus genesis. As the coronavirus has magnetic properties and these properties enter the cell when the spikes bind with magnetic forces to receptors that are on the membrane of the host cell which also have magnetic properties. When the virus enters the cell, the temperature of the virus changes (because cells as alive have their own metabolism and increased temperature). The capsid of the virus decomposes because the MP molecules in it, due to the elevated temperature of the substance capsid substances. From the host cell, the sequences as building blocks of RNA are taken by the virus by magnetic forces from the host cell, which is replicated by the magnetic code and thus a larger number of viruses from the host cells, eventually dies because there is no metabolism and no energy, and the resulting viruses gain magnetic properties from the host cell and go on to infect other cells and so the number of viruses increases and the magnetic properties increase. The body’s immune system kills viruses with its defense cells T leukocytes and macrophages with its magnetic forces, but if AMF from the external environment is present, with a larger number of viruses [13-15] and AMF the magnetic properties become strong, and the cells of the immune system die. Therefore, the immune system is not able to neutralize the pathological elements, but with medication and therapy, the patient is saved and healed, otherwise the patient dies. It can be concluded that the main struggle is to overcome the magnetic properties of multiplied viruses and eliminate AMF from the external environment, and mostly the infected attacked COVID-19 recover. If it happens that someone dies, he is more than 90 years old and has some more serious illness, and the organism has not managed to fight the disease. The author believes that this explanation is clear for anyone who understands the laws of magnetism of EMF and AMF from the external environment. The author gave this interpretation in the first published paper entitled «Work provoked by the Coronavirus», published in the USA and India. At the request of the New York Journal of Pharmacy and Pharmacology to write a paper extensively on AMF and the Coronavirus that was written and published, another paper on the Coronavirus was also published in England. It is necessary to explain the origin briefly

«Autoimmune Diseases (AiB) and the Work of the Immune System» (Is) [8]

These diseases of young people deserve a particularly detailed explanation and given why young people are suffering from CVD and cancer more and more, this rule also applies to the Coronavirus. This should be accepted without comment because it is a truth that everyone can see by observing what people do and how they live. The root cause of more and more illnesses of young people is staying in AMP in the living space and rest assured nothing else is the root cause. It is obvious how much they use (and do not know how to use) phones, ordinary and mobile, headphones, computers, televisions, and printers and home fittings. Home furniture is more than 90% with ferromagnetic and paramagnetic materials. Complete electrification of living space is a large generator of AMF with electromagnetic fields, and no one takes care of that, and it is a real miracle that there are no more diseases, and that is the merit of great movement of people, because BVM was located with AMF in the body or body part. BVM with movement decreases rapidly and disappears. In science, there is a risk factor such as immobility, but no attention has been drawn to the fact that if you live and work in the AMF, a sudden heart attack often occurs, which happens to athletes, so it is necessary to expel the AMF from living spaces, prolong life and slow down aging.

The Role of Telomeres and Natural Arteriosclerosis in Aging

As is known, telomeres are permanent structures at the ends of chromosomes made up of repeated nucleotides T T A GGG (T-thymine, A-adenine, G-guanine). Nucleotides are usually repeated around 3000 and can reach up to 15000 base pairs in length whose main task is to ensure that the ends of chromosomes never join. How they are evolutionarily designed to have a constant base composition and the same type of magnetization. According to the laws of magnetism, they can never be connected because they originated in the same type of magnetic pole, and the north or south magnetic pole allows replication during cell division with the enzyme telomerase. Telomerase is a reverse transcriptase that carries its own RNA molecule. It is used as a limited space in telomere elongation as a compensatory mechanism for telomere shortening. During cell division, telomeres lose a smaller number of bases with each division because intermolecular magnetic forces decrease over time. When a telomere cell is regenerated by DNA replication, the chromosomes shorten by about 25-200 bases per replication and the DNA remains undamaged. Each time a cell divides, 25-200 bases are lost at the ends of the telomere on each chromosome. During cell division, about 20 to 200 base pairs are lost per cell division. As the magnetization center in each cell is in the nucleus, the magnetic properties of each cell decrease, which is manifested by reduced metabolism and reduced water entry into the cell, thus retaining more toxins in the cell. The accumulation of material in the interphase is also reduced, the hormonal secretion of the glands is reduced, as well as the magnetic forces of leukocytes and lymphocytes, thus the immune system is less able to defend the body, it also deposits calcium in the joints. Reduced MP in cells can affect sperm, egg, platelets and immune cells, and reduced activity of reduced MP in these cell types affects fertility, wound healing, and ability to fight infections. The conclusion is all mentioned are the aging properties that are the root cause of reduced intermolecular magnetic forces in cells. All this represents the aging of cells and that is the aging of the body.

During the general aging of the organism, arteriosclerosis develops in the arteries due to which the blood vessels become harder and less elastic, [3] mainly due to the accumulation of lipids (a type of fatty ingredients), and especially cholesterol, in the inner membrane of the arteries. At a later stage, the deposition of calcium salts occurs, as well as swelling. Connective tissue, all of which contribute to the artery becoming inelastic. Therefore, it can be said that arteriosclerosis is a normal occurrence in connection with aging and, if it begins after the age of forty and develops slowly in accordance with the aging of the whole organism, it is not considered a disease. With natural arteriosclerosis, the clogging of blood vessels increases, which reduces their volume and reduces the supply of oxygen and food in all cells. It is all a manifestation of aging. In essence, these are miniature magnetic domains that are introduced into the body with food and have paramagnetic properties obtained in EMF and stick to the interior mostly by arterial blood vessels, which cannot be avoided but only slowed down by diet and physical activity. This position of medical science as a conclusion is clear as it is known that medical properties affect aging and they can only be acted upon, and that would mean that aging would be slowed down and possibly made reversible, which has been the subject of recent research. An experiment with the cosmonaut brother, identical twin, who spent a year in space and when he returned to Earth came younger than his brother who lived on earth, and this was made possible by the different intensities of EMF in space and on Earth.

Anomalous Growth of the Magnetic Field and Cardiovascular Disease

By studying the medical literature, a lot of data has been obtained that can be explained with the help of knowledge about AMF in people’s living rooms. The ambiguities explained in this paper confirm that the root cause of CVD AMF is from the external environment. The following are explanations of data on risk factors from the medical literature, which are misrepresented as the root causes of CVD, and they are only a consequence of AMF from the environment and can slow down or accelerate the development of CVD.

Differences in the Number of People Suffering from Cardiovascular Diseases and Malignant Diseases in Industrialized Countries

Malignant (malignant) tumors cause the death of 300,000 people a year in the United States ... Heart and blood vessel diseases alone cause higher mortality ... Heart disease is today the most important cause of morbidity and mortality in all industrialized countries [2,7]. In Serbia, 52,000 people suffer from from CVD and 32,000 from cancer, but also with variable magnetic fields. The explanation for these diseases would be the following: For the onset and development of cancer, the existence of AMF and variable magnetic fields (VMF) [1,16,17] is necessary for different tissues, different M field intensities and VMF characteristics. It is important that the VMF component is superimposed on AMF. Only AMF is necessary for the development of CVD. VMFs in living quarters are rarer than the presence of only AMF fields. This fact explains the differences in the number of cancer patients (smaller number) and CVD patients (larger number). The following fact is also important: For the development of cancer, there is a characteristic interval of VMF intensity, which occurs less frequently in living spaces. It is noted that cancer can occur (due to clonal origin) only in sleep, ie. in relative peace. While for creation and development e.g. atherosclerosis, of any artery, there may be AMF and lower intensity, then the formation of atheroma requires a longer stay of that artery in AMF. The existence of high M-field intensities shortens the development time of the same disease many times, and each AMF can produce a disease whose occurrence is a function of time spent in space with AMF, noting that blood vessel fibrils divide faster in BVM (which originated in AMF) because the promoter of cell division is a magnetic field. Congestion and atherosclerosis in the blood vessel. This is more of an argument for a higher incidence of CVD.

Familial Risk of Cardiovascular Disease

Atherosclerosis, characterized by the formation of atheroma’s (focal plate of the intima) is largely unknown, especially «understanding why some people are only slightly ill, while others are extremely affected, and discovering the causes of this aggressive disease is the most important goal of modern medicine» [2,7]. The development of this disease depends on two factors. The intensity of AMF whose maximum is usually on the artery wall, and the time spent in that space in relative peace. With this attitude and previous knowledge, it is easy to understand why some patients are easily ill and others are extremely affected by the same disease. With the remark that the time spent in the AMF is very important because there are interruptions in the movement, which is different in the AMF, the higher the lower the risk.

It should be added here that family vulnerability is most pronounced in family houses, which depends on how the house is built and what AMFs are in the home and how generations are deployed and can often use the same AMF because people do not know how to measure them, so generations appear with the same CVD and possibly other diseases.

Influence of Latitude and Genetic Earth’s Magnetic Field on Cardiovascular Diseases

Epidemiological data on the incidence of atherosclerosis can be a guide to discovering its cause, such as for people between the ages of 35 and 64 in Japan the mortality rate is 64 compared to 400 in the US which is close to six times higher. Naturally, EMF in Japan is of lower intensity than the USA, and that is the root cause of less deaths than the natives in the USA, as evidenced by the height of the people. Japanese people who immigrated to the United States and adjusted to their lifestyle ... became as prone to atherosclerosis as the rest of the American population. Hypertension is slightly more common by colored population in the United States than in the white population [3]. Hypertension is rarer and milder in tropical and subtropical climate. A low incidence of hypertension was observed by the Chinese people living in their own homeland, compared to the Chinese living in the United States [3]. It has been pointed out in the same literature that in the same geographical areas, high blood pressure is much more common by short and obese people than by tall and slender people. All of the above in this paragraph is very easy to explain by the fact that arises from: a) knowledge of the intensity of EMF by latitudes, b) that EMF and AMF affect human growth, c) knowing what the personal genetic intensity of EMF is.

In the area around the equator, tropical and subtropical climatic conditions prevail, the intensity of EMF is low (20-30 μT). As you go north or south, the EMF is more and more intense, so in the USA and Europe the EMF goes up to 60 μT. As a result of the influence of the EMF, the Japanese and Chinese are on average lower than the Americans and Europeans, the peoples who live with higher intensity. Also, people of the same population are low and tall under the influence of natural EMF as the Japanese and Chinese (whose genetic EMF is 20-35 μT), which corresponds to the population of lower growth in the northern countries, because there are local values of EMF everywhere (lower values). The population of senior people in the northern countries lives at higher intensities of EMF. AMF is calculated in relation to the nature of the value of EMF, measured in the area outside the impact of urban pollution, and then the living space is measured and those differences in plus and minus are AMF (ambient increment). AMFs are the same for all people in one living room, however as there is also a personal genetic EMF, which is lower in Japanese and Chinese as well as in short people, compared to a population that is autochthonous and tall. So these people with a lower gene field get much higher AMFs even up to 10 and more μT, so it is now completely understandable why the natives at higher latitudes are less endangered than the immigrants from China and Japan. It is also clear why the Chinese and Japanese are less vulnerable in their states. It is also clear why colored and short people are more vulnerable than white and tall people.

Influence of Temperature and Gender Vulnerability to Cardiovascular Diseases

«Lower temperature affects the increase of blood pressure» [3], because the magnetic properties of the blood change, they increase even more if AMF is present, and all diseases develop faster. Published scientific studies have found that in winter there is more infarction than in the warmer months of the year. The number of patients with sudden death due to acute myocardial infarction is at least 20% higher in winter than in summer, in the northern hemisphere, while in the southern hemisphere, this difference is 38%” [3]. «Women in their fertile age and other condition are protected from the development of severe atherosclerosis, it is clear why because they have a higher body temperature. As a consequence, the mortality rate from coronary heart disease is higher by men than by women during the first half of life” [3]. All of the above confirms that higher M fields in living spaces are the cause of heart attack and hypertension. The fact is that with decreasing temperature, the induced magnetization of all objects made of magnets that surround us increases, and as a consequence we have an increase in BVM in the body tissue. If AMF from the external environment is present, the consequence is a higher frequency of infarction and hypertension in the colder months. The explanation for the higher frequency of atherosclerosis by men lies in the fact that women in the reproductive phase of life have an elevated body temperature for about 15 days and a decrease for 10 days, while the body temperature by men is always the same and lower. Since substances in bio-systems with paramagnetic properties have the ability to acquire magnetic properties (as well as directed accumulation) under the influence of M fields from the outside, this phenomenon is opposed by temperature, so it is now clear why women suffer less from CVD. It should also be pointed out that pregnant women have a constantly elevated temperature compared to men, so that body temperature also contributed to a smaller number of patients, and it is known that women live longer than men (which is statistically determined), which is clear why. It must be pointed out that when the fertile days of life pass by women, after that, some diseases occur faster by women.

Influence of Nutrition on Cardiovascular Diseases

Populations that consume large amounts of saturated fatty acids and cholesterol are known to have high mortality from coronary heart disease. It is mainly accused of low-density lipoprotein. This behavior of saturated fatty acids is in different magnetic properties, for example changes in lipoprotein density change susceptibility, which is why higher density lipoproteins are not responsible for atherogenesis, that susceptibility is different and affects movement in blood vessels which is layered. Higher density lipoproteins move in the middle of blood vessels because inertia forces them to do so. Low-density lipoproteins move around the periphery of the blood vessel and with their magnetic properties they easily stick to the blood vessels and build clogged blood vessels faster. If this happens it is faster only in the AMF from the outside environment. If there is no AMF everything goes slow, and life is longer and aging is slower. If there is less LDL cholesterol in the blood (low density) and AMF is present, atherosclerosis progresses only more slowly, but the disease must occur. If there are natural EMF (no AMF), life is longer, and aging is slower and can be lived for more than 90 years. The conclusion is clear it all starts in EMF and ends in old age. The author hopes that everything is presented clearly.

Smoking and Cardiovascular Diseases

Many works in the world and in Serbia connect cigarette smoking with the appearance of CVD, cancer and other diseases. It is interesting that in the Japanese with their low incidence of CVD, smoking does not participate in the development of the disease, and the Japanese AMF in Japan, due to the construction of houses, has lower magnetic fields and lower natural EMF (because the earth’s crust is thinner). It is safe to say that smoking is not a major cause of CVD, but only acts as an accelerator of BVM. Cigarette smoke contains many CH3 substances with paramagnetic characteristics and raises the magnetic properties of the blood, because CH3 as a paramagnetic when it enters the space with AMF is then accumulated, thus accelerating the formation of BVM, after which CVD is formed. The answer, why the Japanese are less endangered than CVD even though they are smokers is in the reduced intensity of natural EMF as explained in the previous pages. It is noted that Japanese tobacco grew at the low intensity of the Earth’s magnetic field. It is probable why the substances of tobacco smoke have small magnetic properties and therefore do not enable the development of cardiovascular disease.

Physical Activity and Cardiovascular Disease

«The role of physical activity in protection against fatal coronary heart disease and coronary atherosclerosis is controversial in the literature. But there are conclusions that people who work while sitting have a higher incidence of sudden death than people who move or are physically active»[3]. The role of physical activity, the practice of walking and running is easy to explain when the root causes of BVM in the AMF field are known. Since the whole organism is in motion and in constant changes of EMF vectors that decompose the body’s magnetization and reduces BVM in the body that occur during night and day rest in AMF. It is now clear why running and walking are beneficial in preventing CVD. It is essential to know that blood is a magnetorheological l fluid and that it changes its magnetic properties in milliseconds. Here it is clear how one can live longer and age more slowly.

Diabetes is present by people with a higher content of glucose in the blood and increases the magnetic properties of the blood, and when some part of the organ or organ resides in AMF, CVD develops faster, which is logical and therefore diabetics are at risk of all diseases that occur in AMF [11]. Everything is presented in detail in the literature. A potential difference of up to 100 mV [18] was measured on the heart, but it is not explained why there is such a difference, namely, it is said that the heart makes that difference on its own, which is not true because it is impossible according to the law of physics. The heart has right and left, in the right part there is a venous blood flow with less O2 and more CO2 and there is less charge in it, and in the left heart there is arterial blood which is negatively charged because it has more O2 and less CO2 and that potential difference can come up to 100 mV, this occurs when the heart chambers are full of blood. In medical science, the question arises as to how the vagus inhibits the work of the heart (reduces the strength of the contraction and the number of beats), and the sympathetic nerve stimulates the work of the heart (strengthens the contraction and increases the number of beats). Both the vagus and the sympathetic nervous system receive negatively charged electrons from the central nervous system. The vagus is a nerve with a smaller number of nerve endings on the right heart, and the sympathetic nerve with a larger number of nerve fibers on the left heart, which is dimensionally larger than the right heart. When all this is known, the sympathetic nervous system stimulates the work of the heart because it adds a larger amount of negative charge to the left ventricle and additionally increases the negative charge in the left heart. The vagus gives electrons and ions to the right heart (which is positively charged) and reduces the potential difference between the chambers. It is now clear what the effect of the vagus and which is the sympathetic and why the potential difference in the heart is measured at 100 mV [18], when the heart chambers are full of blood.


The anomalous magnetic field that arises from remanent, induced and electromagnetic magnetization is stronger and stronger over time, thus creating a stronger body viscous magnetization in the body, which creates a pathological condition on an organ or part of the human body. Thus, conditions were created for the development of various diseases, as well as cardiovascular. The results of measurements on sketches clearly showed the correlation between the created anomalous zones and the resulting diseases, and this indicates a causal relationship between the anomalous magnetic fields - the resulting cardiovascular disease.

Based on all the above, it can be concluded that the root cause of cardiovascular diseases is an anomalous magnetic field from the outside environment in the living space. The results of medical findings in patients placed in areas without anomalous zones indicate the need to use magnetic field measurements in the treatment and prevention of many diseases. The chapter results of measuring the anomalous increment of the magnetic field and cardiovascular disease confirmed the full correlation of the locations of the bed of the patient and the anomalous magnetic fields from the external environment. Also, full agreement of theoretical explanations from the literature and measured data was obtained, in the end it can be concluded that the etiology and genesis of these diseases is an anomalous increment of the magnetic field, the anomalous zones. It should be noted once again that placing the patient in the Earth’s natural magnetic fields is a huge help to the patient in healing. Based on all the above, measurements of magnetic fields should be introduced in the treatment of the sick and the prevention of the healthy. Many unexplained functions by the heart and in the heart, are fully explained, such as the measured potential difference in the heart up to 100 mV and how the vagus inhibits the work of the heart, and the sympathetic nervous system increases the work of the heart. At the end, it must be explained how increased blood glucose and smoking contribute to faster formation of CVD. Glucose is paramagnetic and raises magnetic properties in the blood, so cardiovascular diseases develop faster in an anomalous magnetic field. The proof that this is true has been established that if the number of erythrocytes in the blood increases (the divalent Fe-ferromagnetic is in hemoglobin), the percentage of glucose in the blood automatically increases because the magnetic properties in the blood increase. CH3 is a molecule of tobacco smoke that raises as a paramagnetic, the magnetic properties of blood and an anomalous magnetic field creates conditions faster for the formation of cardiovascular diseases. Cardiomyopathy is caused by AMF and forces the heart muscle to work harder at night and day. The heart muscle in sleep should rest, however when AMF is present the heart works at full strength and the heart muscle is unable to withstand this and eventually works weaker and weaker. And thus, cardiomyopathy develops. The exclusive root cause of cardiomyopathy is AMF from the external environment. Cardiac arrest occurs in the same way. It is the same cause of aneurysms and varicose veins, which is AMF from the external environment, as explained in this work.

Official risk factors are not the root cause of cardiovascular diseases, but the consequence of the present anomalous magnetic fields, they are only accelerators of cardiovascular diseases, if they are present a lot, they accelerate the onset of the disease, and if they are few (within the reference limits), then they slow down the onset of cardiovascular diseases in an anomalous magnetic field from the external environment, but the disease only develops more slowly. In the end, it must be concluded that abnormal magnetic fields are the root cause of many diseases and cardiovascular diseases and must be eliminated from the living space. This is confirmed by an experiment in the Psychiatric Hospital. Anomalous magnetic fields contribute to coronary heart disease and recovery is to remove the sufferer from the anomalous magnetic field. Reducing the magnetic properties in the cell nucleus (telomeres are getting shorter) causes aging. Arteriosclerosis also contributes to aging in the arteries as shown in the chapter «The role of telomeres and arteriosclerosis in aging».



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