Open Access Mini Review

Statins Anti-Inflammatory Properties in Chronic Diseases

Mirto Nelso Prandini, Mahara B Nonato*, Anita LR Saldanha, Ana Paula M Pantoja, Andre L Gasparotto, Vitoria G Hernandes, Irina Antunes, Abel Pereira, Tereza L Bellincanta, Daphnne C Vera, Henrique AR Fonseca and Tania LR Martinez

BP-Hospital A Beneficiência Portuguesa de São Paulo, Brazil

Corresponding Author

Received Date: September 24, 2019;  Published Date: September 30, 2019


Introduction Recently several clinical benefits of statins not directly related to the lipid-lowering action have been demonstrated. These are the so-called pleiotropic effects. Of great importance, some properties like anti-inflammatory activity and immunomodulatory actions of statins can be mentioned as well as the antithrombotic actions. Objectives We intended to demonstrate the role of statins in controlling some clinical manifestations in renal protection. Methods Ultra Sensitivity C-reactive Protein was chosen as the marker for inflammation. Results Patients on statins showed a decrease in CRP values, independent of lipid values, signaling to possible pleiotropic effect of the medication. Conclusion According to contemporary literature the therapeutic properties of statins may be amplified with new possibilities of its use in the treatment of several diseases : as rheumatic, renal or cardiac

Keywords: Statins; Inflammatory diseases; Pleiotropic effects

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