Open Access Mini Review

Outpatient Palliative Care in Heart Failure: Underutilized?

Cristina Belova¹*, Inês Henriques¹ and João Freitas²

¹Family Health Unit Alcaides, ACES Alentejo Central, Portugal

²Alfena Private Hospital, Portugal

Corresponding Author

Received Date:November 12, 2020;  Published Date:November 30, 2020


Heart Failure (HF) patients have an increased burden and intricate psychosocial and decision-making needs that demand the early integration of Palliative care (PC), in order to improve the outcomes and decrease health care utilization. However, in the current era, such care occurs late in the disease course and not too often in the outpatient setting. The purpose of this review aims to understand the current state of outpatient PC in HF.

Keywords:Palliative care; Heart Failure; Outpatient

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