Open Access Case Report

Carcinoid Heart Metastasis with Pericardial Effusion. A Rare Presentation

Maldonado Suarez Joseph*, M.D. and Segarra Torres Amaury, M.D.

Department of Internal Medicine Residency Program, La Concepcion Hospital San German, Puerto Rico, USA

Corresponding Author

Received Date:September 13, 2021;  Published Date:October 04, 2021


Carcinoid tumors are rare neuroendocrine malignancies (1 in 100,000 incidence) commonly arising from intestinal enterochromaffin cells. They secrete vasoactive substances, e.g., Serotonin, which cause the triad of flushing, diarrhea, bronchospasm, and Carcinoid Heart Disease (CHD) [1], its hallmark being right heart valvular dysfunction. Rare manifestations of CHD include cardiac (carcinoid) metastasis and pericardial effusions. We present a case of Carcinoid Syndrome with CHD and the rare occurrence of cardiac metastasis and pericardial effusion [2-4].

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