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Viviana Siddhi*

Slovenian-Born Artist, NGO Mandala Transformation, USA

Corresponding Author

Received Date: June 04, 2020;  Published Date: June 17, 2020

Short Communication

Is the initiative for actions coming from brains or it can be a psychic attack (vibration, energy) from outside our bodies? Many psychics are sending out focused thoughts (energetic impulses) in order to satisfy clients’ wishes. Their thoughts (impulses) can be positive or negative. We are all energetic beings receptive to all kind of energies. Unfortunately, some people believe in punishments and with that is created additional suffering for individuals. Negative oriented people do not care about bad karmas.

How do we function? Central nerve system receives efferent messages from brain and spinal cord. Peripheral nerve system sends afferent messages (receives impulses) to the brain from the environment. Efferent neuron takes the message away from the central nervous system to muscles, glands, organs, etc.

Sympathetic nerve system excites us and interpret energetic impulses such as anger, fear, stress, embarrassment, insults, etc. Sympathetic nerve system must shut down to stimulate the parasympathetic nerve system. Sympathetic nerve system is sensitive to psychic attacks and other influences from outside central nerve system. Parasympathetic nerve system calms us. Activates tranquil functions, such as rest, relaxation, peaceful state of mind. This state of mind we can achieve with hypnosis, positive affirmations, merging with nature, listening to classical music, etc. The somatic sensory neurons monitor outside environment: vibration, hot, cold, pain, pressure, etc. Visceral sensory neurons monitor internal body conditions and the status of organ system.

Every thought releases brain’s chemical. Being focused on negative thoughts effectively destroys the brain of its positive forcefulness and slows it down. It can go as far as dimming the brain’s ability to function are creating depression. Neurotransmitters control virtually all of the body’s functions, from feeling happy to modulate hormones to dealing with stress. Therefore, our thoughts influence our bodies directly because the body interprets impulses into messages coming from the brain. Almost all diseases are health problems related to stress and fear.


Doctor of Medicine Wilhelm Recih was born in Austria. He believed in a good life: “Do not become hard and embittered, even if life tortures you at times. There is only one thing that counts: to live one’s life well and happily.” He served in the Austro-Hungarian army, moved to Vienna to study medicine. Reich’s great discoveries involved the manipulation of biological energy to conquer disease. He lived in Norway to study bioelectricity, what he believed was the force behind the biological movements of life. He called this phenomenon orgone energy. Later on, moved to the United States. Here, Reich began deeply studying biology, determined to prove the existence of orgone, the life-force known to other cultures as chi, prana, or weather. He showed that orgone was a real and omnipresent life force responsible for gravity, weather patterns, emotions, and health.

Doctor of Medicine W. Reich invented orgone accumulators and successfully healed patients of various ailments, including forms of cancer. Reich was hassled by the USA government. “In 1956 Reich was arrested by the FDA for selling orgone accumulators without government approval. His books were burned. Reich is the first and only person in American history to have his books burned by the government. He died a year later in prison, having served half of a two-year sentence.” [2]

We can integrate high technology with positive affirmations and prevent or heal ourselves from any disease. Our words, thoughts and actions have positive or negative influence on us and on others. It depends in which direction we are focused: inward or outward.

When we water plants with love, they will have healthy grow. If we do not water them with love, they will not have healthy grow. Our thoughts are about the same. If we nurture them with love, positive affirmations and pure intentions, we’ll have positive results. If we have negative thoughts, we’ll influence ourselves and environment in negative ways. With negative thoughts (energies) we are harming each other’s life, health, etc.

We should live our birth right now, this very second and become healthy, strong, with abundant vigor energy, a high standard of vitality and with an expectation of a hundred years of life.

Many brilliant investigations in the mystery of life and death are still battled as to this cause of decline and decay of the body. Life is kept up by the reproduction of human cells. A cell is a mass of protoplasm containing nucleus. Man is made up of different groups, and species of cells which perform different mechanism. These cells are constantly broken down in renewed.

We shouldn’t nurture and repeat negative thoughts with negative intentions. It is scientifically proven that they are always bringing negative results. We should learn how to transform them into positive results. We are receiving and sending out of nerve system all kind of impulses: consciously and unconsciously. It is a challenge how to keep them in a positive way once we are exposed to external influences all the time – also at night.

The QuWave technology innovator was inspired by Dr. Wilhelm R. It is proven that QuWave is helping us to deal with all kind of energies (frequencies) in order to improve our lives.


• Are you prone to be affected by psychic or spiritual attacks?

• Are you prone to be affected by brain manipulations and mind control?

• Are you prone to be affected by electronic and/or spiritual harassment?

• Are you subjected to remote viewing and visions?

• Are you prone to be affected by analyzing your thoughts by another person?

• Do you wake up with pain in your muscles or numbness in your fingers?

• Are you treated like a targeted individual?

• Are you on a targeted individuals (TI) list being monitored?

All above and other forms of control are having same goal: to leave targeted individuals feeling stressed out, disoriented, helpless, paranoid and eventually sick. Those who are target are left with no one to trust and no one to turn to. This form of harassment uses electronic weapons of various types to remotely torture, physically harm and control individuals over time.

“Since more than 60 years TI’s (targeted individuals) have tried to escape the Mind Control torture. Now TI’s have tested the Defender from the American company QuWave with positive results. The Defender works with scalar waves. That is crucial evidence that the Mind Control torturers are also working with scalar waves.” [3]

“Through extensive research and by applying our proprietary engineering technology from other products, we have discovered how to deliver stimulating frequency waves directly into the brain receptors while at the same time interfering with external negative control fields. We have combined our Scalar Wave Technology with Solfeggio Frequencies and developed a small hand-held device which constantly beams the waves directly into your brain via a Scalar Bio-Field.

The Scalar Wave Field generated by the Defender has a special frequency tuned to protect your body & brain from “Psychotronic Attacks” and Electronic Harassment from ELF, HAARP, Microwave, Implant Activation, Spiritual Attacks, and Psychic Attacks. This Scalar Wave Field has the unique property of being able to interfere with harmful rays, reduce the effect and functioning of implants and act as a barrier to psycho-electronic harmful signals aimed at the individual. The Defender converts these negative attacks into positive healing energy.

The combination of the high frequency Scalar Field, and the low frequency Solfeggio Waves somehow convert psychotronic and psychic attacks to positive energy and interfere with the destructive mind-control fields which are trying to influence the brain of a targeted individual.

This Scalar Wave vibrates at a very high frequency and is able to directly penetrate into the human nervous system. This maximizes delivery of the frequency directly into the brain and allows continuous positive subliminal stimulation day and night, anywhere.” [4]

Low Frequencies are ride on top of the Scalar Wave. They focus on mental-physical protection to relieve negative symptoms. Negative symptoms are mostly coming from outside and they affect our emotions, thoughts, health. Many users of the QuWave reported results like higher energy, reduced tension, less back pain, improved sleep, pain relief, boosted immunity, faster healing, general happiness, allergy relief, less mood swings, more rested, calm, low blood pressure, less headaches, lower anxiety, less depression, etc.

Disease and short life are due to ignorance and lack of knowledge of natural laws. We violate the laws of health through egoism, passion and self-assertive nature. “Yogis know how to absorb the energy and utilize it for the economic aid to nature in the preservation of the body. They possess the power to bear extreme cold and heat, the power to live without food and drink (drawing the energy from their pure, strong and irresistible will). The body becomes indestructible. Nothing can injure it. There is no more disease, death or pain for that Yogi.” [5]

Everything starts and ends with energy that affects the body. There are several ways how the body creates energy; however, it is up to us how we’ll use it.

a) The source of energy that is used to power the movement of muscle contraction is adenosine triphosphate (ATP) – the body’s biochemical way to store and transport energy. All muscle cells have some ATP within them that they can use immediately. This energy last for 3 seconds.

b) All muscle cells contain a high-energy compound called creatine phosphate which is broken down to make adenosine triphosphate (ATP) quickly. Creatine phosphate can supply the energy needs of a muscle at a very high rate for 8-10 seconds.

c) Muscles have large stores of a carbohydrate, called glycogen that is also used to make ATP from glucose. It supplies energy slowly. It takes 12 chemical reactions to create the energy from creatine phosphate. This energy lasts 90 seconds. Oxygen is not needed. The heart and lungs increased oxygen supply to the muscles. A byproduct of making ATP without using oxygen is lactic acid.

d) Aerobic respiration is using oxygen to create ATP. With exercises, the body starts to supply working muscles with oxygen. When oxygen is present, aerobic respiration takes place to break down the glucose for ATP. It is the slowest system to produce ATP, but it can supply ATP for several hours or longer, as long as the supply of fuel lasts.

Thoughts travel faster than light. Good fortune is determined by our own very thoughts that should be strong enough to oppose/ transform negative influences from outside. If one is enlightened it doesn’t mean that is pure minded. It is therefore necessary to understand the nature of thought in relation to the mind, intellect, intuition-words which we use very often in day to day life without trying to understand their significance and their value to our life. A thought is like a particle of energy. By the very definition of energy, energy is capacity to do work. It is said that a string of thoughts constitutes a desire and a mind. In other words, the mind is like a cloth, desires are like the yarn and the thoughts are cotton. If the quality of cotton is good, the quality of the cloth will also be good. The mind cannot be controlled unless the thoughts are controlled.

Just as cloth will disappear if the threads are removed, so also if thoughts are controlled, mind becomes clear and calm and energy is conserved. One can understand the importance of the mind, when one realizes the speed with which thoughts travel. This tremendous energy should be used fruitfully by directing it for the right purpose and this is possible only through control of the mind. We shouldn’t give away a power to deal with our thoughts. Right the way, somebody else will try to control us.

How we can relate to impurities in everyday life? It is about pure living, purity in thought, word, and action. Bhagavan’s Satya Sai Baba’s speeches provides insight into the nature of human being that is purity and its manifestations in our lives. “Students! Practice Dharma and Dhyana and experience the results. Your joy, your purity and brightness will be enhanced beyond measure. Now, you look sickly, because of all sorts of impurities in you. There is no shine on your faces. It is purity that imparts the effulgence to the face. When there is purity in you, your face shines brightly. I am 64 years old. Look at me and look at yourselves, who are in your teens. You look worn out. You lose your brightness, because of impure thoughts. The more you develop purity; more youthful you will be. No illness will affect you.” [6]

“Therefore, man is the spirit of pure consciousness, the absolute one encased by the veiling power of the mind and body (the analogy of the screen and the movie projected upon it). [7]

We can manage thoughts just with sitting silently. When we sit silently, our mind is full of thoughts. From hundred thoughts one should try and bring it down to a few and finally to one thought. Benefits of silent sitting are first and foremost, the increase in the power of pointedness concentration. With improved concentration, the work that we do, the service that we render will be better. Silent bestows peace of mind and emotional equilibrium. It increases the power of endurance, patience and forgiveness. It improves our memory, grasping power and receptivity. At a deeper level, it awakens our intuition and it helps to be in tune with the voice within and helps develop creativity. Before we go to sleep, we, can ask ourselves: Have I done anything to make other happy? Am I today a better person than what I was, yesterday? Self-audit is accountability which kelps in maintaining a balance. It helps us to realize our own faults and reinforce the good done. Most of the people are prone to ignore their own defaults and dwell on the faults of others. “This needs to be corrected as competition means competing with one’s self rather than with another. In fact, the overall achievement of excellence does not depend on doing one thing a hundred percent better but doing a hundred things, one percent better every day. Thoughts are the things. As you think, so you become.

God if you think of, God you are;

Dust if you think of, dust you are;

Verily – thoughts are the things.

As you think, so you become.” [8]

The diseases we suffer from, the births we get here on earth all products of thoughts, words and actions done by us in previous times (in the past). Every action made by thoughts, words or physical movement has its reaction and no action goes unrewarded in a suitable manner. Evil actions do not go without their bitter effects upon the doer. We can see the terrible truth of the price man pays in hospitals and clinics for the crimes against Dharma. Modern man is held by the motto “seeing is believing”. Only a particular condition and environment can enable us to reap the fruits of a specific actions. Punishments need not necessary be due to the extreme anger of any personal being. It can be also asserted that it is necessary, by the very law of nature, that the soul should manifest itself with a body suited for its experience determined by its past actions. Suffering originates pain either directly from individuals roots or through the agency of others.

Here are few examples of karmas and diseases that are created by conscious or unconscious negative thoughts, anger, jealousy, etc. by Indian founder and director of the Divine Life Society and Yoga Vedanta Forest Academy Holiness Sri Swami Sivananda Saraswati Maharaj. In 1953 he convened a “World Parliament of Religions”. He is author of over 300 volumes, and he has disciples all over the world.

“Karmas and Disease

Karma Disease

Who insults others, breaks promise, causes great disappointment to another, deprives Gets mental agony and pain

one of his property, disgraces others in public.

Who oppresses others and keeps them in permanent slavery

by excessive vanity and pride. Gets elephantiasis

Who indulges in gossip, who likes to hear Paraninda (abusing others) and Paradooshana (insulting others), Gets ear-sore and painful humming sound in the

who hears obscene songs in dancing shows, etc. ears and suffers from ear-inflammation.” [9]

“Let the doctors and the nurses and the healers

Let them let down the barriers.

Let them go beyond where they’ve never gone before.

Let them discover the power of your Light.

No matter how weakened I might appear

I do it in your Light, God.

And therefore, I know I am still

And always will be in pure essence of the God Creator.

If it is your will to take me to all levels of this healing

And so, will I follow you through the light, my God.

I’ll never once hesitate again.

And reach and every time you take me to a new level

I’ll discover everything on that level that I can discover.

And I promise, in God’s Light

That as I discover it, you’ll put it behind me.

And I’ll have another challenge before me.

And again, I say

All the people surrounding me will know.

In their strength of their own light

They will take courage from my plight

And they’ll begin their own healings.” [10]



Conflict of Interest

Author declare no conflict of interest.


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