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Energy and Sensitiveness

Viviana Siddhi*

Slovenian-Born Artist, NGO Mandala Transformation, USA.

Corresponding Author

Received Date: October 01, 2019;  Published Date: October 23, 2019


There are particles of energy all around us. These particles come together to form matter. Our thoughts are energy, our words are energy, and our actions are energy. We create manifestations through thoughts, words and actions that use energy to form objects, conditions, and experiences.

“Life-force flows through the body as if it were following an invisible circulatory system, charging every cell in its path. This current of energy can become weakened and partially blocked due to stress. The science of acupuncture involves locating the exact points where blockage occurs and, using needles, stimulates these points to restore flow. In polarity energy balancing, physical and nonphysical touch techniques are used to send energy through the entire system to open up the blocked points. This reestablishes the proper flow and alignment of life force throughout the body.

Energy is energy. There is no bad energy – only well-directed or miss-directed energy. Polarity directs the life force along its natural pathways to untangle “energy knots” caused by physical or emotional; stress. Polarity brings on deep healing relaxation at all levels” [1].

Reality is that the mental images of the common man are generally very distorted. He does not know what deep thinking is. His thoughts run riot. There is a great deal of confusion in his mind, sometimes. Those who practice concentration and meditation develop strong, well-formed mental images. Most of your thoughts are not well grounded. They come and slip away. They are, therefore, vague and indefinite. The images are not clear, strong and well defined.

“You will have to reinforce thoughts by clear, continuous and deep thinking. Through Vichara, ratiocination, Manana or deep reflection and meditation, you will have to make the thoughts settle down and crystallize into a definite shape. Then the philosophical idea will become firm” [2].

Through right thinking, reasoning, introspection and meditation, you will have to clarify your ideas. Then confusion will vanish. The thoughts will get settled and well grounded.

Think clearly. Clarify your ideas again and again. Observe your own mental and emotional process. Purify your thoughts to a considerable degree. Silence the thoughts.

We live in a 21st century when science is constantly innovating advance technology. The wand is one of the original, authentic zeropoint energy wands and the first full spectrum all-purpose holistic wellness tool. It can work for everything by realigning your body’s energetic systems allowing it to harmonize your entire body’s biofield. The wand is a scientific scalar tool that has been calibrated to hold thousands of specific beneficial energy patterns and is the only wand to incorporate biometric frequency infusion technology.

“With pure heart and one pointed devotion anything can be achieved in this world” [3].

Everything that exists – be it human beings, animals, plants or even the stones in the ground – is surrounded by its own subtle atmosphere made up of the particles. It is this energy that creates the aura around everything that exists on this planet earth.

Quantum mechanics (also known as quantum physics), including quantum field theory is a fundamental theory in physics that describes the nature at the smallest scales of energy levels of atoms and subatomic particles.

Many people do not even know that it exists. The aura is a kind of halo that surrounds every human being, the only difference being that some people’s aura is enormous and very brilliant, extending its gloriously varied colors and intense vibrations to great distances, whereas others are lacking quality and are not shinny. They are full of dirty, blurred colors.

The aura has exactly the same functions as the skin. You could say that is the skin of the soul, which it surrounds and protects (Figure 1).


“As you can see, the aura is extremely important. If your aura is not pure you cannot benefit either from the good influences of the planets or from the countless blessings which the angelic world is constantly showering on us, because your true self is buried and hidden under dense layers of impurities. We all know that a heavy layer of cloud hides the sun so that it can no longer warm or give light to creatures on earth. This is exactly what is wrong with those who love in anguish and distress, those who are filled with hatred and anger: there are too many dense clouds in their aura. The aura possesses an infinitely subtle variety of vibrations” [4].

The cosmic, planetary and zodiacal influences continuously flowing through space reach out to touch us and depending on the purity and sensitivity of our aura and the colors it contains, we may capture or fail to capture certain specific forces. Our aura, therefore, is like an antenna. It is an instrument, which detects and receives messages, waves and forces coming to us from the universe and from other human beings, plants and animals. Now, suppose there are certain negative, harmful influences at large in the universe: if your aura is very powerful and very luminous, those negative influences will be unable to reach your consciousness or to upset or harm you. Why? Because before they can get to you they come up against your aura, and your aura is an impassable barrier. It is like a wall.

A man’s etheric body forms an aura, which penetrates and interweaves with the aura of his physical body and the combined aura of his physical and etheric bodies reveals the state of his health and good health. Atomic bodies have been awakened; they add brighter, more luminous colors and other, more powerful vibrations.

Man’s astral and mental bodies, according to their activity or inactivity, their qualities or their weaknesses, add their own special emanations. They add their own coloring to the initial aura, thus revealing the nature of his thoughts and feelings.

“Your voice has changed with time, the cries of play mix with the glances of maturity and controlled speech. You are learning. I have seen jewels of every kind, real diamonds, and fake. The one to decide is the diamond itself, and if I like the less bright one better, I shall take it. Human beings are made to meet one another. Diamonds to be found” [5].

The esoteric journey need not be one of suffering. It is true however; that it is possible to learn from suffering. Although inevitable, pain may be an opportunity for understanding, for growth, for evolution. “Healing”, in this case, means welcoming that which synchronic events bring and eventually learning from them.

Benefits of Kapalabhati

Physical benefits

• Kapalabhati cleanses the nasal passages, bronchial tubes, lungs and entire respiratory system.

• It strengthens and increases the capacity of the lungs and intercostal (ribcage) muscles.

• Kapalabhati helps to drain the sinuses and eliminate accumulated excess mucus.

• Bronchial congestion is removed, as is spasm of the bronchial tubes. Consequently, asthma is relieved and cured over a period of time.

• As the lungs are cleansed, excess carbon dioxide is eliminated. This permits the red-blood cells to suck in more oxygen, increasing the richness of the blood.

• The blood is purified and toned; the body gets an increased supply of oxygen to all cells.

Mental/psychic benefits

• Kapalabhati refreshes and invigorates the mind.

• It brings an increase in alertness as a result of the increase of oxygen to the brain.

• It creates a feeling of exhilaration.

• Kapalabhati activates pranic energy

• It increases the supply of stored-up prana in the solar plexus region” [6].

When you are very busy in your daily life, you may not harbor any impure thought; but when you take rest and leave the mind blank, the impure thoughts will try to enter in a subtle way to harm you. You must be careful when the mind is relaxed.

Thoughts gain strength by repetition. If you entertain an impure thought or good thought once, this impure thought or good thought has a tendency to recur again.

We have to learn how to subdue, to purify, and to order all your thoughts. Fight against all negative thoughts and doubts. Let sublime divine thoughts come to you from every side.

Thoughts of depression, failure, weakness, darkness, doubts, fear, etc., are negative thoughts. Cultivate positive thoughts of strength, confidence, courage, and cheerfulness. The negative thoughts will disappear.

If you think again and again of an impure thing it gains new strength. It gets the force of momentum. You must drive it immediately. If you find it difficult to do so, entertain counterthoughts of God. Cultivate sublime and elevating counter-thoughts of God. Cultivate sublime and elevating thoughts. Evil thoughts will die by themselves. A noble thought is a potent remedy to counteract an evil- thought.

The disciplining of your nature and the formation of a steady and pure character through a set of right habits and regular daily observances is the next step. Upon this firm foundation of a wellestablished and virtuous moral character is built the further structure of Yoga.



Conflict of Interest

No conflict of interest.


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