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The Conscious Internet: An Empirical Study of the Transmission of Healing Energy via E-mail

Francesca McCartney*

EMU Founder, President, Energy of Medicine University, USA.

Corresponding Author

Received Date: June 26, 2018;  Published Date: August 23, 2019


This research studies the intentional encapsulation of healing energies into an email text message and transmittal via the Internet to an intended intuitive recipient. This study framed within the field of energy medicine researches the potential impact on the learning of distance students; as well as investigates a method for a stronger link-transference of information between distance educators and students. This study tests information discovery on non-linear, non-local communication; as well as studies an implied evolution of the sense of intuition.

Distance education and intuitive communication are both non-linear, non-local systems of information exchange. Internet email can hold intentional sensorial resonance; and this type of email can be used as a provider of energy-information which can be utilized as part of an energy medicine distance education program. An intuitive person can open an Internet transmitted email and receive the emotional/cognitive content of intentionally encapsulated energy/information; and this occurs both as a non-local and non-linear experience.

The Internet is an evolving ecological system capturing and holding human thought in digital format trans versing time and space in order to deliver content. The weaving of intuitive and Internet communication is spawning a World Wide Web, small-world phenomena by shortening energetic time-space distances between people.

Within this research is a hypothesis that a student and teacher may be more strongly connected at a distance with the intentional link of energy/ intention included within the curriculum of a distance education program. This linkage information gives new significance to distance healing research within the medical, parapsychological, and noetic sciences. This connection seeks to inspire and identify fertile areas for cross-disciplinary exploration.

Keywords:Education; Energy medicine; Extra-sensory perception; Internet; Intuition; Neural networks; Psychology

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