Open Access Research Article

Radical Holistic Intervention for Adults with Learning Disabilities who Exhibit Violent and Aggressive Behaviour

Jennifer Warters

Living Memory Research Trust, United Kingdom

Corresponding Author

Received Date: May 01, 2019;  Published Date: May 17, 2019


This second paper examines an alternative holistic approach to working with adults with learning disabilities who exhibit violent and aggressive behaviour as a result of compounded trauma, due to abuse and incarceration. The orthodox approach relies upon increased staff ratio and stronger medication which can render the client hapless, helpless and unable to function. The underlying possible causative factors of what is deemed ‘challenging behaviour’ are discussed, together with the negative impact of trauma memories on the client’s ability to adapt to environmental changes and to assimilate new information. This alternative methodology of Toning and Energy Alignment offers a radical approach to what are considered to be intractable mental health and behavioural issues. The combined methodology of energy alignment and toning enable the client to access frequencies beyond the brain to encourage maximum potential. The paper posits that consciousness is multidimensional, the higher aspects of intuitive awareness remaining unimpaired regardless of any cognitive impairment. Bio-energetic intervention seeks to restore function through a process of downward causation. Two detailed case studies verify this alternative approach as a valid and effective option, demonstrating a reduction in medication, restored confidence and self -esteem with improved communication and sociability.

Keywords: Violence; Aggression; Challenging Behaviour; Trauma; Incarceration; Learning Disability; Energy Alignment; Electromagnetic Field; Multidimensional Consciousness; Quantum Physics; Downward Causation; Energy Field; Toning; Hard Palate; Soft Palate; Alveolar Ridge; Rainbow Chakra Tones; Tongue; Ears; Sound; Syllables; Cognitive; Intuitive; Emerald; Incarceration; Trauma; Memory; Living Systems Theory; Bioenergetic; Nadis; Vibration; Yoga; Resonance; Tongue; Meridian; Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

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